Playing the Race Card: It's A Sucker Bet



The race card remains the Left’s all-purpose ace-in-the-hole that gets played any time they need to bolster a weak argument or intimidate others from expressing opposing views. Through the years it’s been played so often it’s gotten faded and dog-eared by overuse. But the Left will keep playing that same old hand as long as they think it’s working. And now that George Zimmerman has been acquitted of second degree murder in Sanford Florida, the race card is flying about like so many games of Fifty-Two Pick-Up.

Liberals like to cite racism as evidence of what an unjust and immoral country we live in. Not only does it carry a lot of emotional power, it’s much easier than making honest arguments. “That’s racist,” is the perfect trump card to put an end to any discussion. The aftermath of the Martin-Zimmerman murder trial is only beginning, but you can be sure that charges of racism will abound.

From the beginning, the Florida trial was a win-win situation for the civil rights establishment. Even if Zimmerman had been found guilty, there would have been a celebratory victory dance throughout the Democrat party, followed by declarations of vindication over the white racists that they imagine are plaguing our country. As it stands now, Democrats can deal out a new hand of DC Hold’em, race cards wild.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the issue is, Republicans always seem to be the suckers at the table once the chips are in the pot. They’re playing a game they can’t win. When it comes to the old race card deck, you can’t win with a liberal. You may as well be playing Three Card Monty with a downtown street hustler. No matter how you play it, you will lose. Republicans get accused of pandering to minorities when they’re included, and accused of purposely excluding them when they’re not. Republicans are racist either way, in this liberal heads-I-win-tails-you-lose con game. Smart card players know when it’s time to walk away.