Greece - Are We Next?

The economic crisis in Greece has been averted. Or has it? The government in Greece started on a path years ago that has brought Greece to the brink of chaos. You see, Greece decided that the government knew better than anyone else what the people needed. So they dramatically increased the size of the government and began decades of deficit spending in order to provide massive entitlement benefits for the Greek people.
Now, as their economic house of cards collapses, the people are rioting in the streets. Why? Because they object to the government telling them that deficit spending must end and with it will go the hand outs to which they have grown accustomed.

So, you may be asking “how do the problems in Greece affect me?” The Obama Administration has dramatically increased the size of government, doing it all on deficit spending. Hand in hand with their reckless spending, they have passed massive entitlement legislation that the American people don’t want. The health care bill that will cost us over a trillion dollars that we don’t have is a prime example of a government out of control and not listening to the people.

Many experts say that what’s happening in Greece can never happen here, because we can just keep printing more money. Well, any student of our monetary system knows that is simply not true. If we go down that road, at some point our money will become worthless.

Right now, the total national debt of the United States is about $13 trillion, or 90% of the economy. Greece’s debt is about 150% of their economy. When the massive government takeover of health care kicks in our deficit will increase dramatically.

Unless we get our spending under control and take immediate steps to reduce the size of our deficit and cut entitlement spending, we are headed down the same path that Greece is on.

It’s time to clean house in Washington. Career politicians have brought our country to the brink of an economic collapse. It is up to us to fight back and keep this from happening.

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