Sarah's Talking Points on Religion

Just a few ideas about Sarah Palin and what she needs to tell America about her faith.

I believe in God, just like most other Americans. I highly value the fact that many of the first settlers were Christians who were looking for freedom of worship. I believe in the separation of church and state, but I don’t believe in the exclusion of the church from the nation and its politics.
There have been men and women of faith who had a great influence on this nation. Without men like Washington or Lincoln, where would we be? Lincoln especially believed in a God who had a will and expressed the desire for that will to be done in our nation to preserve the Union.

Do I recognize there are differences of opinion concerning the role of faith in American life and politics? Yes and I believe that such differences should be acknowledged. But I strongly believe in a free market of faith. We should not be afraid of religious dialogue or faith in God. We are still the greatest country in the world and our religious freedom is one of the reasons. We are free to believe and others are free to disbelieve. We are free to speak about that faith, and the listener is free to accept or reject that faith. I am free to renounce my faith in one God and believe in another. It is a freedom that I cherish.

What I am saying to you may sound simplistic but this is a basic fundamental right that we have and that is tragically missing in much of the world. The Danish press paid a price for its right to print cartoons of Mohamed, because there is no free market of faith in Muslim nations. People are killed both in the name of God and because of their faith in God, simply because there is no free market of faith.

Personally I am comforted and strengthened by my faith in God. I do have a sense of purpose from my faith, that God does have some reason for putting me here and giving me the opportunities that have been given to me. I also have a sense of God’s love and acceptance that gives me great joy.

I believe that my faith causes me to have a greater sense of justice. I want to do the right thing in my life, be honest, faithful to my husband, treat everyone like I want to be treated. This justice extends to what I see in the world. Politicians hold a public trust and should be honest and above reproach.

I will not apologize for my beliefs. I believe in God. I pray to God. I have confidence that He hears me. I desire to do his will personally in my life and I desire that we as a nation will continue to believe that God has a will and a destiny for us as a people. I would hope that the world would see a free market of faith, where everyone everywhere would be free to express their faith and free to denounce that same faith. Thank you and God bless America.