Let Sarah be Sarah

When are we going to let Sarah be Sarah. Governors do not have foreign policy experience. Jimmy Carter did not. Bill Clinton did not. George W.Bush did not. Sarah Palin doesn’t. The most important truth is that John McCain does. She is not on the ticket to balance his weaknesses. On the other hand Joe Biden is ONLY on the ticket to balance the ticket. Obama’s weakness is his lack of experience, his lack of expertise, in the area of foreign policy. He did not choose Biden for the Delaware votes. He choose him because he has served for 36 years in the Senate and met foreign leaders.

The real answer to the question of Palin’s foreign policy experience is. “No I don’t have as much experience as Joe Biden in foreign policy. I am much closer to Obama, who has been learning over the past few months about foreign policy. Remember when he was ready to meet with the president of Iran without preconditions? How about Cuba? Oh yes he would meet Rauol as well. But all of that has changed now. The second point I would like to make about my foreign policy experience is this: John McCain doesn’t need me to be a foreign policy expert. I am not on the ticket to balance his weakness. He knows foreign policy! He will be my mentor and not the other way around.