Baltimore: The Aftermath

With the likelihood (hopefully) that the rioting in Baltimore is over, thanks to the National Guard patrolling the streets alongside local law enforcement, there are several questions one has to ask about the aftermath.


The “protesting” had been occurring for a week by the time the rioting started on Monday. However, with the high likelihood of escalation, the liberal mayor of Baltimore is on record encouraging the violence to escalate –

…we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well…

She can claim that she was referring to their right to free speech, but she advocated the destruction of businesses, homes, cars and attacks on innocent people. She advocated for the cutting of a fire hose as dedicated fireman tried to put out a fire at the CVS that employed people in that neighborhood.

In that quote, the liberal mayor admits to knowing beforehand that people were going to destroy things in Baltimore and she backed down. There was a growing movement on Facebook about conducting a “purge” (based on the move ‘The Purge’) starting at the  Mondawmin Mall and ending downtown. The liberal mayor knew what was happening and she still tried to appease them.

Why? Why was the local law enforcement not prepared for this? Why was the National Guard not on alert prior to the start of the rioting on Monday?

She tried to appease the rioters and sacrifice a part of the city she is supposed to lead and was shocked when the criminals did not work with her and play by her liberal rules.


Equality is a myth. True equality – which all liberals claim to want – is unattainable. This country was not founded on the concept of equality but on the concept that –

“All men are created equal…”

After that, you are own your own. You have to make your own way in the world and that is something a liberal will tell you are incapable of doing without their help. (How else do you explain the Life of Julia, the numerous social safety nets, the EEOC, and Affirmative Action? Just to name a few examples.)

So, liberals will continue to rail against the social injustice, economic inequality, and how they are the only ones who are even remotely interested in putting an end to inequality in society. Reality is so much further from these lies that anyone who takes a moment to think about it will come to the same realization – it is indeed a myth.

Under Obama, the post-racial president, there have been more incidents/riots attributed to racism than ever since the abolition of slavery –

  • Opposition to him is solely based on racism
  • Ferguson
  • New York City (Garner protests as well)
  • Oakland
  • Seattle
  • Washington, DC
  • Baltimore
  • Philadelphia
  • Los Angeles
  • Voter ID laws in North Carolina, Texas, and other states

These are just the ones that were covered by the media. Under Obama, the post-partisan president, income inequality has worsened as the rich get richer and the middle class – the ones liberals like Obama claim to be for – are disappearing.


The double standards on display in the wake of the Baltimore riots is ridiculous. A group of white people performing the same acts as what happened in Baltimore would be rightly labeled as criminals. But these rioters have been labeled as “protestors.” Why is that? “Charm City” is burning to the ground and liberals are worried about offending someone.

Unlike the truly American idea of self-responsibility or self-accountability, liberals have blamed the riots on –

That makes you downright nostalgic for the days when the ATM was the cause of everything wrong with America.

The Reality

The reality is that anywhere liberal policies – i.e. Democrat – have been implemented virtually unopposed for decades have created this type of situation. Because if you do what Democrats want and “give a mouse a cookie” like in any of these cities where riots have taken place under Obama –

  • Detroit – Democrat since 1962
  • Chicago – Democrat since the 1931
  • Philadelphia – Democrat since 1952
  • Baltimore – Democrat since 1967
  • Buffalo – Democrat since 1954
  • Los Angeles – Democrat since 1993
  • Atlanta – Democrat since 1942 (based on party identification)
  • Memphis – Has never had a Republican mayor
  • Providence – Democrat since 1984
  • Hartford – Democrat since 1971
  • Louisville – Democrat since 1969
  • Miami – Has never had a Republican Mayor
  • Cleveland – Democrat since 1989
  • Cincinnati – Democrat since 1984 (Hey, they elected Jerry Springer once. Yes, that Jerry Springer.)

You would be unemployed, poor, and highly likely to be the victim of murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft.