"Play by The Rules"

Just when I thought I would move onto other aspects of my day, I see this link posted on FoxNews.com and made the decision to click on it. It originally returned a blank screen, but I was undaunted as my curiosity was piqued.  I went to the White House website and found this link.

About midway down it gives you the opportunity to share the president’s plan through social media, that’s when I saw it.

The president’s plan is based on the premise that the 5 million criminals he is about to pardoned want to “play by the rules” because they did not have the “opportunity to play by the rules.”

Definition of Crime

The very textbook definition of a crime is an act that disobeys the law. Immigration laws require people who want to be American citizens to go through a lengthy process. Despite the “emperor’s” claim that they did not have the “opportunity”, these people made a conscious choice to violate our laws to take advantage of our society for their own benefit.

Now, Obama is going to not enforce those laws because it does not suit him.

Lack of Opportunity

That is another lie in this action. There is no instance of an individual being denied the opportunity to LEGALLY come to the United States. To claim that there is is another flat out lie. They have no desire to pay taxes. They have no desire to be Americans. Otherwise, they would have done it LEGALLY in the first place.

Criminal Checks

This is where the details are getting muddled. If you click on the Fox News link, the White House clearly states that immigrants will need to pass a “criminal background check”, but if you look at the talking points the White House wants people to share via social media – it just says “background check.”

Again, there is no transparency. Emperor Obama is lying when he says that he will crack down on criminals.

Economic Benefits

He is going to make it easier for high-skilled labor to stay in the country. So, you know that means people with an education and would know that what they did was illegal in the first place. Another lie.

Bottom line – Obama is providing amnesty for five million criminals. He just thinks you are too stupid to notice.