The Liberal Conundrum

With today’s proclamation that the Constitution be damned, Congress is irrelevant, and the will of the people is what he says it is, Obama is going on television tomorrow night to state why he is going to provide amnesty for the 11 million+ criminals who are here.

We have heard all of the lies: “…a humanitarian crisis…”; “…the right thing to do…”; etc.

This has nothing to do with that. It is the wanton disregard for the laws currently on the books. Obama said so himself on multiple occasions. There is a current report that the White House is releasing the legal justification for the emperor – I mean president – to do as he pleases. Immigration laws are being broken by the man who is charged with enforcing them.

He will dress his actions in flowing platitudes and talk about how this will improve the economy. Anyone with a basic grasp of math will realize that adding more people to a situation where the people legally present aren’t provided for does not improve things.

Liberals hate Americans. Let’s be frank about it.

They find them detestable, because real Americans want to live their own lives by making their own way in the world. The current Jonathan Gruber episodes should make that painfully clear to anyone who can put together an independent thought.

How can liberals exalt themselves if they have no one to worship at their feet? Liberalism is about subjugation and control while lying about empowering people to be successful.

Help the Poor

It was liberals who created the social safety nets during the Great Society programs of the 1960’s. What did we get from our humanitarian gesture? Dependence on the government spanning generations within families and is now at an all-time high as a society at large.

Why is that? Why aren’t they working? Because as one welfare queen put it – “I don’t need it [a job]; I get a check from the government.”

Americans have spent trillions and trillions of dollars on social safety net programs and the poor are still here. Do you think the welfare queen (in the YouTube link) is contributing to society? Did she strike you as the type who has released her entrepreneurial spirit? Or is she another example of failed liberal ideas draining the resources out of society?

Income Inequality

It is the liberal who will tell you that inequality is rampant in society today in many forms – racial, economic, gender, social, educational, etc.

Yet, when it comes to solutions, the liberal will tell you that they have done so many things. Yet, there is SOOOO much inequality. So, what happened? Race-baiters like Sharpton rely on the dependence of the “subjects” to maintain their power, ensure their own relevance, while demanding more money to maintain his own lavish lifestyles at YOUR expense. Does he care about the poor, downtrodden black person? Of course not – he wants to use them for his own benefit. (Do you really think he lives in the ghetto?)

Economic inequality is the new meme liberals want to tell you about now. “Raise the minimum wage”, people need “a living wage”, etc. The problem is they are contradicting their own message about social safety nets. Why work if you can make $31,000 a year on welfare?

What about rewarding actual work? Nope, liberals would not want that because you, in a purely audacious display, would think you were self-sufficient. You might even reach a level of independence rarely seen in liberal circles.

End Game

It is a purely political move to ensure their continual dominance of one political party over the people they believe are inferior.