The Mindless Liberal

I came across this link from a progressive who tried to explain what it means to be a Republican or how one can become a Republican. Then I noticed the date and could tell that the author was indeed living with a total disconnect from reality.

The mindless liberal will –

  1. Use Fear

Joe Biden – “…going to put ya’ll back in chains…” when talking to a black audience. Nope…no fear-mongering there.

[mc_name name=’Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’P000197′ ] – “Civilization as we know it today would be in jeopardy if the Republicans win the Senate.” If that is true, then how bad is it that Americans would rather face the end of civilization than let the Democrats keep control of the Senate?

From the liberal website, Alternet.org – House Democrats Raise a Mint by Fear-Mongering with Right-Wing Fantasies

Wonder why liberals are so insistent on using fear as a campaign tool? Maybe because…

  1. Attack education

The whole point of receiving an education is for one to develop the ability to think in a completely independent manner.

Was it not Michelle Obama herself who said “Don’t think…vote Democrat”? She even expounded on that by saying ignore the fact that the Democrat was arrested on 19 counts of voter fraud – just vote Democrat.

Was it not Jonathan Gruber who said that Americans are too stupid to understand Obamacare? Not once, not twice, but on three separate occasions. Then a New York Times writer, Obama’s personal print media mouthpiece, goes on MSNBC (talk about being redundant), and says that voters are not just stupid – they’re incoherent.

But liberals want to tell us that they are the proponents of more education! Ha!

  1. Use a lot of patriotic propaganda

Yes, wrap yourself in the flag and you are the true American.

Bob Burnett, The Huffington Post – “Republicans are such traitors that they are guilty of treason.” (You mean like allowing the country to be invaded by people who should not be here??)

Meanwhile, over at another liberal website – Salon.com: “…compulsory patriotism must end…”

This patriotism thing is soooo hard!! Maybe Iiberals should have paid more attention in school when they were getting their education.

  1. Find things to hate

Democrats hate everything from stay at home moms to apple pie.

I wish I was being facetious, but if it does not come with the Michelle Obama seal of approval…well a good Democrat just has to hate it since they are not allowed to think for themselves. In fact, Obama hates the fact that there is too much information for those people who want to think for themselves. In fact, information is ruining our democracy according to him – right along with the ATM.

  1. Make themselves into the victim

I am not certain as to which card is played more – the race card or the victim card. Everyone is a victim to a liberal except for those evil Wall Street bankers, greedy corporate CEOs, even ATMs make people a victim. But hold up a second – Hillary Clinton said that they do not create jobs

So, how are people being victimized again? Wouldn’t it actually be Obama who has been victimizing these people since 2009?

  1. Promote guns

I keep trying to think of how that education thing is working out for liberals. Guns are a constitutionally guaranteed right in this country. All of these gun control mechanisms they want – DO NOT work. So, why do supposedly intellectually superior keep talking about gun control? It’s all about control.

  1. Create catchy talking points

Such as when you lie to the American people about Obamacare, then create talking points to go sell it to them even though liberals know it is a lie. No Democrats would NEVER lie to the people!!

(Step back before the lightning strikes a Democrat near you.)

  1. Continually repeat your lies

Pelosi lied about knowing Gruber, about Obamacare, and anything else she could think of. Obama lied about what the Benghazi attack really was, Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting, and shovel-ready projects.

  1. Use code words to mask prejudice and bigotry

From the people who tell you the ENTIRE English language is racist. Using their logic, every time Obama opens his mouth – he is a racist. Oh, wait – you see…Obama isn’t racist – it’s language itself that is racist.

So, aren’t liberals more racist then since they are supposed to be more educated and have more interaction with that racist English language? You would think they were indoctrinated or something.

That makes sense to me since liberals clearly think they are superior to everyone – especially those who disagree with them.

10. [Find] Religion

Yet, amazingly, the deistic worship of Obama would equate to a cultish fanaticism.

So, calling a liberal mindless is simply being redundant and I would not want to repeat myself.