Democrats: The Anti-______ Party

As you head to the polls tomorrow, the one thing everyone should keep in mind is NOT what the media is telling you – because an educated public would simply laugh the Democrats out of office. They need NOT remember what politicians are saying – because most politicians will tell you whatever they have to in order to get elected.

What they need to remember is to look beyond the partisan rhetoric, the 30-second sound bytes, and to actually think about what these parties are really about.

The Democrats are The Anti-______ Party.

The Anti-Women Party

Despite the failed attempt to resurrect this from the 2012 campaign, conservatives everywhere need to do their part to put this tactic out of its misery permanently.

As a conservative, I believe every woman is quite capable of being self-sufficient and successful to the level of their God-given abilities. The Democrats think women are incompetent and must depend on government to provide for them. Do you remember The Life of Julia? That was an Obama campaign cornerstone. Women were to be subjugated to life-long dependency on the government, because they would simply fail without it.

Democrats claim to be the party that respects women – yet they have told women that access to abortion is the only thing they are to concern themselves with. They are clearly telling women that they are simply incapable of holding themselves accountable for their own actions. One of their “spokeswomen” admits to molesting her own sister and they defend her.

Obama himself has even said that Americans should not be a mom who wants to be with her children.

The Anti-Poor Party

The Democrats absolutely hate the poor. This is one group they have exploited for nearly a century. It started with the New Deal in the 1930’s, made a new appearance with The Great Society of the 1960’s, and is underway once again during the “Food Stamp Presidency.”

They have claimed that they are working for the poor – yet amazingly, there are still poor people.

Democrats do not want you to have the good life if you are poor. If you had the good life, then you would NOT vote Democrat because they would then demonize you as one of those “people” who are “victimizing” the poor.

The Anti-Black Party

Since the 1930’s, blacks have consistently been part of the Democratic voting blocks. The problem is that nothing has changed for them. In fact, things have gotten worse under the first black president in American history.

Instead of restoring the peace in Ferguson, the Democrats let the city burn while claiming they would achieve “justice.” The fact that justice is supposed to be blind to bias is irrelevant. Race-baiters like Sharpton and Jackson are dispatched by the Democrats – not to bring about peace – but to fan the flames.

Under Obama, the unemployment rate for blacks is higher than it was under Bush. Again, people who work will not vote for people who want to take away the well-earned benefits of their jobs. So, Obama has spent more time keeping blacks in the same position economically so they will continue to vote for Democrats.

The Anti-American Party

Democrats are simply anti-American. They will tell you that bringing illegal immigrants, who are criminals for the very fact they broke our laws, “out of the shadows” is the only way to fix our economy. Democrats will tell you it is the illegal immigrant – NOT the American worker – who is the “backbone of the economy.”

Democrats are not the least bit concerned with your well-being. They want to ensure that they have a new voting block of 11 million people voting for them for the foreseeable future through executive fiat since immigration reform will not happen according to their terms.

This is what people need to remember when they head to the polls tomorrow.