The Obamacare Reality

I just went through my company’s open enrollment period for health insurance and my monthly premiums went down and they went down drastically. I am going to save at least $80 a month for the 2013 calendar year.

OK – Let’s all hold on a second while liberals do their happy dance and loudly proclaimed that they told us Obamacare would lower costs.

*Jeopardy theme plays while liberals celebrate*

But the problem is that in the real world – you have to get down into the details. I will save money as long as I never actually use my insurance. I will save money as long as I am never sick ever again in my life. Because if I am sick and I actually have to use my insurance – well, I am going to get hosed.

I never knew I was rich. I mean it. I had absolutely no that I qualified as being rich; because if you look at my credit card bills, you would quickly realize that I am living on a shoestring budget and the string is extremely frayed. But, according to Obamacare, I qualify as being rich! Yay!! I wish someone had told me all of these past six years. Because I always thought that I was swimming upstream in rapids while dragging an anvil.

I no longer have a co-payment for an office visit. I have to pay 40% of the total costs of the office visit. That would be bad enough, but that percentage only kicks in once I have met my deductible for the year which for my family of four is $7,000. So, for the liberals who are numerically challenged, that means I have to pay the first $7,000 of medical costs myself, before I get the privilege of paying a minimum of 40% of my medical costs.

Glad to know Obama thinks I have $7,000 laying around just for medical issues. Then I need to make certain that I have additional stockpiles of cash lying around just in case someone in my family needs to see a doctor.

(By the way, it’s 40% of the costs is out-of-pocket for all covered services if I use an in network provider. It goes up to 60% out-of-pocket if I use an out-of-network provider. Exactly, why would I carry insurance if I am going to pay the majority of the costs myself?)

So, why should this surprise you?

I do not have a six figure salary. I am right in the middle of the middle class that Obama claims to be fighting for. I guarantee you that I am not the only one in the middle class whose health insurance costs are going up.

If there is a liberal out there who believes costs are going to go down – Welcome to the “new normal.” You have now made it economically impossible for me or anyone in the middle class to ever be sick again.

Wonder what that is going to do for my entrepreneurial spirit?