If I were rich...

And by rich, I mean making more than $250,000 a year; I would sit up and take note of what happened last night.

The American electorate, albeit slightly, is blaming you for what ails them. They are going to come for your money because you are not paying your “fair share.” They are blaming you for barring them from their success. They are blaming you for their failures.

Now, you will have to pay.

So, if I were rich, and I am faced with the cost of doing business in this country going up — which it will — then it make perfect business sense for me to do business in a country where it will costs less. So, I can continue to be successful.  

If I were rich, and I going to be punished for my success; then what is the incentive for me to put people to work in my company? I would have to pay more for those that do work for me and there would be less for me.

If I were rich, I would tell the American electorate that I didn’t start my business to make you a success. I didn’t start my business so you could be as wealthy as me. I did it because I believed I could do something better than other people and could make a lot of money doing it.

If I wanted to make you a better person, then I would have gone into teaching — because then the focus would be on you.

So, if I were rich, I would take my money and leave. I would go somewhere where I can make money and get to keep it to.