Last Call – Obama’s buying

With less than a week to go in the campaign before the vast majority of Americans vote for the next President, one would have to wonder what the Obama campaign will do in a desperate attempt to save his re-election chances. A few examples:


The Democrats have continually pounded their chests about how Romney (and all other GOP candidates) is wrong for women. He would deny them the right to abortion on demand, he would outlaw the coverage of contraceptions, and that it is the GOP who is waging a “war on women.”

Now, as I had mentioned in a previous article, voting for Obama is like losing your virginity – if you listen to the Democrats. Is it me or has the Democratic Party hyper-sexualized women?

Most women I have known in my lifetime – and I worked in a female dominated profession for ten years – have bills to pay, things to buy, lives to lead, and do not spend every waking moment thinking about sex. (According to stereotypes, that is what is men are supposed to be doing every 17 seconds.)

Yet, the only appeal Democrats make to women is abortion and contraception because that is all they are supposed to care about is sex.


With the election of the first black president (I will not say African-American, sorry PC police.), the Democrats once again sang Obama’s praises about how he was uniquely qualified (Evan Thomas ring a bell?) to bring the people together and play a part in the world’s largest Coca-Cola commercial.

Yet, his most ardent supporters, Chris Matthews as one example, will tell you that people who oppose the President’s policies are simply fueled by pure, unadulterated racism that wants to see Obama defeated in the upcoming election even if it means that the country literally goes to hell.

(A simple search on YouTube for “Chris Matthews, racism” will get you 38 videos where criticizing Obama will get you labeled as a racist by Matthews.)

Do realize that Obama has no intent of reminding you that the situation for blacks has actually gotten worse – unemployment is still higher among blacks than it was four years ago – and this is with two years of Obama having complete control of the federal government.

 (In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I want to remind people of the last major disaster in this country – Hurricane Katrina. Then Senator Obama had a chance to provide emergency aid to, as Mayor Ray Nagin put it, the “chocolate” city of New Orleans. Obama voted against the bill.)

Democrats simply do not want to change the status quo, because blacks – or any minority – who choose to do better on their own and without the hindrance…err, I mean assistance…of the federal government, do improve their own lot in life, and then end up voting Republican.


If you have to resort to weak jokes and insults as an integral part of your campaign stump speeches, then you would be the losing candidate. Welcome to the Barack Obama Comedy Tour!!

After the last debate, the new slogan from Obama was that Romney had developed “Romnesia.” Now, if that had been as good as “There you go again” — even MSNBC would have kept playing it to drive it home into the mind of the American voter.

Then, and to quote Obama, “…the other guy’s a bullsh**ter…” Once compared to Reagan and Kennedy in terms of his eloquence, the Obama we have now is the presidential equivalent of Beavis and Butthead.

As Romney put it – “Attacking me is not an agenda.” Yet, what have we gotten from the Obama campaign? So, last call, and Obama’s buying…how much lower is he going to go?