Liberals Are Destroying America -- A Response to a Liberal

In response to an uber-liberal poster on another site, I would like to “drill down” into the statistics she provided as being proof that conservatism is destroying America.

The article (from the Daily Kos) states that the ten states with the lowest average median incomes in America are all governed by Republicans. On face value, that appears to be a damning statement. However, the overall economy of a state is determined by the cities and localities within the state.

In reverse order…

Mississippi – The two biggest citiesin the state are Jackson and Gulfport.

The current mayor of Jackson, Mississippi is Frank Melton, a Democrat. He is currently running for a second term despite being labeled the worst mayor in America. The current unemployment rate is 8.6%. The average median household income was $31,177 which is lower than the state average.

The current mayor of Gulfport is George Schlogel, a Republican who was elected in 2009.  The current unemployment rate in the Gulfport is 9.4%. However, job growth in Gulfport has increased 26% over the last two years. The average median household income for Gulfport was $39,213 which is above the state average.

So, who’s hurting the economy? Moving on…

West Virginia – One thing the uber-liberal poster on the other site fails to mention is that West Virginia’s governor was Joe Manchin, a Democrat, until he chose to be a Senator. The current acting governor is Earl Tomblin, also a Democrat. So, according to the uber-liberal’s post, the Democrats would be responsible for the poor economic conditions in West Virginia?

Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the entire slam piece she posted? Moving on…

Arkansas – The current governor, since 2006 and re-elected in 2010, is Mike Beebe, a Democrat.

Hold the phone!! What?? Two of the three states with the lowest average median household incomes have been led by Democrats since 2005, and conservatism is destroying America???

Liberals need to check their facts!!