Obama - Another Test of Leadership

As I had stated in an earlier post, Obama faced a test of his leadership when dealing with Iran and North Korea. Despite all of his bluster, both of those countries have continued down the same path toward nuclear capabilities despite Obama’s inexperienced and amateurish tactics.

One would always hope that the leader of your country would learn from past mistakes. The question becomes: Has he?

Let’s start with hot-topic national issues:

The funny thing about leadership is that people tend to follow and support a true leader. Well, it seems that the American people have chosen to not follow Obama’s lead on anything. Going as far as to return control of the House to the Republicans and narrowing the gap in the Senate in 2010. Obama’s polling numbers continue to slide to the point that people want someone to challenge Obama in the Democratic primary.

Let’s continue onto the international scene:

So, what is the president focusing on? What issue has he decided to demonstrate clear, unequivocal leadership on?

Another chance for Obama to show that he has the chops to be president, another clear display of incompetence and failure.