Miami Mayor Alvarez is clearly a RHINO

In this era of uber-partisan politics, a candidate labeling himself as a Republican places a bulls-eye on him by members of the Democratic party, especially progressives. The citizens of Miami-Dade County have removed “Republican”  Mayor Carlos Alvarez from office on Tuesday.

A sampling of a few websites that are trying to make political hay out of the Republican label:

Despite the label, the citizens of Miami-Dade county have judged Alvarez by his actions. The Associated Press article, which has been posted online by numerous websites, states that the two primary causes for his ouster are the increase in property tax rates and a salary increases for county employees.

Does any of this sound familiar? (Another one showing how Democrats are toning down the rhetoric.)

As one commenter on The Free Republic stated, Alvarez “acted liked a Democrat.” And THAT’S why he was recalled!