Obama: A Test of Leadership

The following headline is prominently displayed on FoxNation.com:

President Obama Faces Test on Korean Peninsula

It is another test of his leadership. It is another test to see if he is capable of taking decisive action to prevent an unnecessary military conflict.

Let’s look at his track record for taking decisive action.

Iran Building Nuclear Weapons – UN weapons inspectors formally accused Iran of attempting to build nuclear weapons in February of this year. Prior to the nuclear summit held in Washington D.C. in April, Obama announced that the U.S. would not rule out a nuclear response against armed nuclear states who did not comply with the non-proliferation treaty — implying that the U.S. may launch a nuclear strike against Iran if they continued to build nuclear weapons.

It was a clear case of saber rattling and Ahmadinejad called him on it by referring to Obama as an “…inexperienced and amateur politician.”

Obama then went with imposing sanctions on Iran with the condition of Iran having to prove its nuclear program was peaceful. The truly impressive part is that it took him another two months to actually sign them into law.

The question is: Did this policy work? Did he deter Iran from building nuclear facilities and/or weapons? The results are that it did not work and that his strategy of sanctions was a complete failure. Even today, Iran has been accused of building a secret underground nuclear facility.

Obama, the inexperienced amateur politician he is, failed to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

North Korea is another country that has continued its progress toward obtaining nuclear weapons. How did Obama fare in dealing with that country?

Obama went once again went with the policy of economic sanctions against North Korea. He added the usual bluster of “deep isolation” and that North Korea must show a seriousness of purpose about ending its nuclear program.

“We’re not interested in just going through the motions with the same result,” Obama said.

So, Obama employed the same strategy he used when dealing with Iran to deal with North Korea. Did he get a different result?

North Korea has ‘stunning’ new nuke facility

Now, North Korea shelled a South Korean island along a disputed sea border. The South Korean president has vowed:

“Enormous retaliation should be made to the extent that (North Korea) cannot make provocations again,”

So, as the leader of the most powerful country in the world, Obama must once again take decisive action to prevent what will probably become an extended military conflict.

Will he pass the test this time?