Democratic Campaign Issues

With the mid-term elections less than a month away, people need to take a hard look at the issues and what has actually been accomplished. So, the Democrats were swept into power in 2008 under the banner of “Hope and Change.”

So, let’s see if it’s working.

Change the way Washington works

The $787 Billion Dollar Stimulus


  • This legislation was supposed to be a stabilizing factor in every American’s life. It was supposed to propel the United States into the 21st century alongside France, Germany, and England into years of economic growth and prosperity.
  • Since the bill was signed into law, the CBO has revised its estimates on the costs on multiple occasions.
  • 22 states are currently suing the federal government because of the law over the individual mandate.
  • Most recently, the Obama has issued waivers to the United Federation of Teachers, a New York teachers union, and 29 other companiesto exclude them from implementing Obamacare.


  • $350 Billion– Second part of the TARP funds which had to be approved by a Democratic Congress
  • $787 Billion– (Later changed to $862 billion) Ahhh, yes the legendary stimulus plan that hasn’t lived up to the hype.
  • $85 Billion– Auto bailout, and we still own 60% of GM
  • $23 Billion– Teachers union bailout
  • $26 Billion– Cash-strapped states
  • $8-$10 Billion– Potential bailout of unions which could go as high as $165 Billion. (SEIU gets to live for another day.)
  • $145 Billion– (With a worst case scenario of $1 Trillion) for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • $3 Billion– Housing bailout

So, Chicago-style politics at its finest has led the Democrats to failure in making Washington more transparent and efficient; failure at revitalizing the economy; and success at leading the United States down the road to bankruptcy.

Should I even discuss foriegn policy?