Ted Kennedy Passes Away

Was confirmed on all the media outlets a little over an hour ago.

Despite what you may think of him personally, or politically he’s still a human being and he still has a family. He’s been the longest-standing nemesis to conservatives and no matter how much we wanted to defeat him he was still there…swinging back.

I’m not sure where the health care debate goes from here but wherever it goes we must be respectful and positive in our stance against the single most important issue that Senator stood for. Nobody really appreciated the treatment that Tony Snow recieved from the left-wing blogs and I know many were offended over what happened at Paul Wellstone’s funeral.

We are not hateful. We can still debate this issue on principles. Those who are going to the town halls should leave any signs with Ted Kennedy’s name on it at home before arrival. I don’t need to explain why because you already know.

My condolences go out to him and his family.