Peaceful Insurrection of the GOP

I’d like to see Palin run sometime down the road whether it be 2012 or sometime after that but even if she really isn’t “ready for prime time” what many people are missing is that that the silent majority or the 40% of Americans that identify themselves as Conservatives are fed up with the so called “intellectual” wing of the Republican Party. They are incestuous within their own private county-club circuit and believe that they know what is best for you because they believe to be smarter. They also enforce the so-called “conventional wisdom” that Reagan is out of style and you will elect what we feel is best for you because you are just an idiot that doesn’t know anything.

Where the “intellectual” wing of the GOP didn’t account for was that the flyover conservitives who will always have appreciation for Ronald Reagan was getting awful tired of having to endure the “South Park Mascot Election Syndrome (If you watch South Park you would understand). Finally they either accidentally rolled out or just flat out intentionally put some “tool” that would peak the interest of the base of the party so their candidate Captain Bi-Partisianship can honestly say he wasn’t committing political point-shaving. However the “intellectual” wing proved to be a complete fraud. If you were going to put a tool on the ticket make sure he was going to play by your rules. A tool that spoke like them and not like you the rednecks.

The flyover conservatives liked her….They REALLY REALLY liked her because they felt she was one of them . It was her kindness and her sincerity and her own core principles that they liked. They saw a future and it panicked the oligarchs of Washington.

After Palin’s RNC speech the “intellectual” wing panicked. They felt that their lifestyle of abandoning the core principles for their stature in Washington was not on the line. They said silently to themselves how can this Alaskan hillbilly with a knocked up daughter and a retard baby is garnering all the attention and our beloved Senator John McCain”” So they tried to destroy her. They used her, abused her family, mocked her and the flyovers knew it. They were outraged so the “intellectual” wing goes on FOX News and talk radio and says what you want to hear hen once the microphones and camera shut off they laugh at the retard jokes and mingle with Andrew Sullivan and described his theory about Trig as “thought provoking” or “fascinating”

You all knew better. You knew who they were and she did too. She went home possibly with 2012 on the back of her mind but all-in-all she just wanted to be a governor again. And even then they wouldn’t let up the assault. Most of the viscous post-election smears on Palin and her family occurred when she was just minding her own business. It kept coming until her recent resignation. Even afterwards they are still terrified of this woman.

The Flyover Conservatives are like the very same symbol of the Republican Party they once thought they knew. They are like elephants and they never forget. This time around they aren’t so forgiving. Two straight election cycles of utter failure and a idealogical oppression on the conservative thought it’s no longer about 2010 or 2012 it’s about controlling your own destiny with candidates that YOU want not them.. “intellectual” conservatives are now the hunted.

Flyovers at the grassroots level are the hunters now if for any this reason. Sarah Palin will either be their sword or their martyred spirit in the upcoming weeks and months. But with every new tea party will spawn more Sarah Palins (male and female alike) until control of the Republican is restored to it’s rightful owners and the moderates or the “Intellectual” wing takes its place out in the wilderness where they belong.