Ashley Judd: An Aging Hollywood Starlet's Guide to Regaining Relevancy

Cuda vs. Judd

Hollywood is a cruel place. One day you are Ashley Judd, the fresh faced it girl. A few years later, you’re an over-the-Hollywood-hill, forty-something, actress struggling to maintain relevancy in a world which puts the highest premium on newness.

What does an actress do when she’s too old to be the it girl, but still too attractive to get cast in roles reserved for older character actors? She ends up in leading lady limbo if her career was built more on looks than talent. At this career crossroad, most actresses — of Ashley Judd’s caliber — end up fading into oblivion with straight-to-video movie releases.

In the last few years, Ashley Judd has been more famous for being racer Dario Franchitti’s wife than her movies. But now, Ashley has found a way to revive her Hollywood status by taking on Sarah Palin — who probably is the most hated Republican in Hollywood now that Bush has left office.

Liberal Hollywood actresses have a particular deep-seated hatred of Sarah Palin. They see Sarah as anti-feminist. They claim she is seeking to set the women’s movement back by her conservative, pro-life views.

It’s an interesting dichotomy to proclaim Gov. Palin is against women’s rights when these actresses make a living off the exploitation and degradation of women.

What legacy does Hollywood leave to women other than telling them they’re worthless if they don’t starve themselves to levels of thinness seen in concentration camps? Or that their worthiness lies within their sexual attractiveness and youth. That’s right. Put a scalpel to your face and implants in your chest, Hollywood actresses, and dare to call yourselves feminists. Do true feminists support an industry that puts women out to pasture at age 40 and tells them they are no longer relevant?

These so called Hollywood feminists have the audacity to attack a woman who had the tenacity and grit to propel herself from housewife to the Governor of the State of Alaska. And Gov. Palin didn’t have to bare her chest to land that role, Hollywood ladies.

While Sarah Palin is out there trying to reign in government to make a brighter future for our children, the ladies of Hollywood keep putting women back into the stone age under the guise of feminism.

Ashley Judd is making a fool out of herself by attempting to marginalize Palin on issues she doesn’t fully comprehend such as wildlife preservation. While it may extend Ashley’s Hollywood sell-by-date, a year or two, it will cost her fans and respectability. But hey, Ashley’s a Hollywood sell-out so she gave up caring about being respected years ago.