PA-10: Turning the Lights Back On

Promoted to the top by Erick. Chris Hackett is one of the few GOP challengers to an incumbent Democrat who has a heck of a good shot at picking off the Democrat. But he needs your help. Please, please, please consider contributing $10.00 or more to Chris’s campaign and help us take back PA-10.

With Congressional Democrats going on vacation without passing an energy bill, House Republicans are sending a strong message that we must fight for increased American energy.

Sadly, the liberals in Congress are beholden to special interests that not only will tolerate higher prices at the pump but actually advocate for it. I am running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional district because I know we can do better than that.

The choice is clear. My opponent, liberal incumbent Chris Carney, has voted repeatedly against every effort to drill offshore, be it in Alaska, or anywhere else. We need an American energy policy that embraces “all of the above.” That means increased domestic oil production, wind, solar, nuclear, natural gas, clean coal, or for that matter, anything other source that shows an ability to compete in the market.

I remember sitting in line with my dad in the 1970s to get gas and the politicians promised us they would solve this problem. It’s been thirty years and they still have no solution.

Democrats didn’t want the American people to witness any member of Congress actually standing up for increased energy security, so they shut down the lights, microphones and cameras.

That’s stunning hypocrisy from Democrats like Chris Carney and Nancy Pelosi who promised to “clean up Washington.” A year and half after they took control, Congress is more out of touch with ordinary Americans than ever before.

We have the chance to turn the lights in Congress back on. That begins in places like Pennsylvania’s 10th district, where we can take a stand for real conservative change and long-term energy security. I hope you’ll join me in helping defeat one of the most endangered liberal incumbents of this failed Congress, so that we can finally deliver the energy solutions the American people deserve.