Conservatives Beware of HuffPo Bloggers Bearing Gifts

In a recent article gravidly entitled, “My New Favorite News Network Is Not Liberal (and Not Fox)” Huffington Post blogger Marty Kaplan declares, “This may be the kiss of death, but One America News is my new favorite TV news network.” Then oddly, a few paragraphs later he begins to insult the network:

OAN has also produced particularly sly minutes connecting American icons to conservative values. We hear a nativist sentiment — “We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language” — and then learn the words are Theodore Roosevelt’s. There’s a minute on welfare reform, with Bill Clinton saying welfare should be “a second chance, not a way of life.”

Kaplan goes on to insult the hosts of all three of the One America News Network’s Conservative entertainment programs, calling them “fire-breathers” and “clowns.” Hey Kaplan, these are the hosts of my favorite shows!

I decided to take a closer look at blogger Marty Kaplan, to see if he might have ulterior motives for taking the time to declare his love/hate relationship with OANN, our favorite new Conservative news network (Verizon 116 SD, 616 HD and ATT U-Verse 208 SD and 1208 HD). What I found raised further suspicion.

Marty Kaplan, it turns out, is a hardcore leftist. The hosts of OANN’s Conservative opinion programs are not the only ones to feel his wrath.

Kaplan has a long history of referring to Conservative men and women as, “propagandists,” practitioners of the “dark arts,” and “moonies.” He is “horrified” by Christian’s who disagree with the hypothesis of man-caused global warming. He claims they are infected with, “an infantile strain” of “the American psyche” and should not be given religious freedom. He claims they will return us to the Pliocene Epoch because they are as dangerous as the asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Kaplan goes on to write about how he hopes “an alien invasion” might “rally our planet” to “blow past the 400 ppm barrier” and help Obama cancel the keystone pipeline.

For those who haven’t learned the knack, this borderline incoherent babble is just old-fashioned liberal-speak for, “I hate Conservatives!”

Since this is typical leftist behavior, the fact that Kaplan turned up on Huffington Post slamming the One America News Network’s Conservative opinion programming, On Point with Tomi Lahren, The Rick Amato Show, and The Daily Ledger came as no surprise.

What did come as a surprise is that Marty Kaplan is the founding Director of USC’s Norman Lear Center. His mission is to, “study and shape the impact of media and entertainment on society.” In fact, Kaplan has nailed, “shaping the impact of media” down to an exact science via his Media Impact Project. This guy even invented a Media Impact Calculator!

Call me Captain Obvious but when I see a far-left activist who has made “shaping the media” his life’s-work turn up on the The Huffington Post posing as a disinterested, objective, third-party “observer” to One American News, and urging the network to cut out my favorite Conservative TV shows and commercials, I cry foul.

Of course, Professor Kaplan wants to discourage the media from projecting a Conservative view-point. As we have seen, he has made it his life’s work to steel back the “effing future” from Exxon/Mobile and the Koch Brothers:

If the most creative and committed lovers of this planet don’t use all their genius and all their power to make this present moment count, we’ll have to come up with a better story to tell our grandchildren than the one about how the Koch brothers, Exxon/Mobil and China were the bad guys who stole their effing futures.

Of course, the fact that Kaplan took the time to write about OANN’s right-of-center programming indicates that the network has turned up in a significant way on the radar. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal the network is now available to around 15 million households.

The same article notes that Charles Herring, president of the One America News Network, has indicated that Herring Broadcasting is investing “hundreds of millions” of dollars into the new channel which will provide a much-needed alternative in the current news landscape.

If you take a typical channel on any of the leading video providers, and you try to determine which ones are providing credible news, you get about eight or nine news channels that skew to the left—for example, MSNBC skews left, and some argue that CNN skews left,” Mr. Herring said. “There is only one that skews right on political talk shows, and that’s Fox. We are going to open up another front and give independents, libertarians and all kinds of different voices under the conservative umbrella an opportunity to express themselves.

Marty Kaplan acknowledges the viability of the brand new network and fears its power and ability to turn out Conservative programming worth watching, like The Rick Amato Show, On Point with Tomi Lahren, and Graham Ledger –if he didn’t why would he bother to sound off?

I am glad to see that Marty Kaplan is enjoying OANN’s general news programming. As he says, Herring Broadcasting has been true to its pledge to, “wall off opinion programming from news.” According to Herring, “general news programming puts out upwards of 50 stories an hour.” OANN’s news programming is the best on the market, fast-paced and well-done –but so is the Conservative opinion programming, which is why the left has placed those programs in its crosshairs.

Here are some facts to think about. According to Herring OANN’S conservative opinion programs constitute the networks top rated shows. OANN earned three times the ratings of Al Jazeera in quarter four of 2014, four times the ratings of Fusion, and 35% of MSNBC ratings.

The San Diego-based One America News Network developed by the Herring Family is a fresh voice. Conservative opinion programs like The Rick Amato Show, Tomi Lahren, and Graham Ledger are much needed because the market is already so saturated by leftist opinion programs.

Professor Marty Kaplan however doesn’t seem to care. He doesn’t believe in “equal-opportunity” for Conservatives on television. He sees Conservatives as “fire-breathing” “bullshitters,” who need to “move our ass.” Well Professor Kaplan, as the Conservative media continues its ascent, I am sure you will be spending a lot more of your time in the lab over at USC sticking new and exotic cuss-words into your “media impact calculator,” trying to find the perfect formula to manipulate the media.