Obama Supports Mosque, Lectures Americans On Tolerance

The mosque that is to be built next to the location where over 3000 Americans were violently killed by Islamic extremists nearly nine years ago has set off an emotional debated across the nation.  On Friday, President Obama finally chimed in on the issue, but instead of calming the debate his words fueled the fire.  The President has been known to comment on issues without knowing all of the facts before.  Did he do it again by endorsing the project or did he just act stupidly?

President Obama alludes to a point that is not a part of the mosque debate.  Americans do not need to be lectured on religious tolerance and freedom!

The grievances Americans have with the mosque are not about the right to build a mosque, but the lack of sensitivity and respect for the surviving family members of the thousands killed by Islamic terrorists.  Building a mosque within 600 feet of ground zero does not promote tolerance – it is a slap in the face!  Their lack of sensitivity was amplified after Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf sternly rejected Governor Patterson’s offer to provide city land for the mosque to be built elsewhere.

Surely Imam Rauf is only out to promote peace by building the mosque so close to ground zero, right?  Debra Burlingame of 911 Families for a Safe and Strong America exposes evidence proving otherwise:

Pajamas Media and Glenn Beck expand more on the radical ties of this “moderate Muslim.”  This is what Beck had to say:

As anyone with common sense would have expected, backlash erupted over Obama comments supporting the mosque.  The backlash prompted Obama to step back from his remarks a little, stating that he was not commenting on the “wisdom” of the decision to build the mosque, but the “right people have that dates back to our founding.”

Perhaps President Obama should stop with the lecturing of Americans on religious tolerance and speak with Imam Rauf instead.  Of course that would conflict with his overly exerted efforts to pander to Muslims.  Obama’s 2009 Apology Tour led him to Cairo to apologize for the oppression of American colonialism and to Turkey to claim that “we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.”  You almost wonder which side Obama is on.

We are at war with Islamic extremists.  Is it too much to ask for the Commander in Chief to call for a little discretion and patience before supporting a mosque to be built by an Imam with radical connections next the very location of the event that prompted us to go to war in the first place?

About the Author:  Chris Bounds is a strong Christian, American patriot, and a proud capitalist.  He resides in Houston, TX.  He co-founded Liberty Juice, which covers political news and commentary, current events, and common sense.