Calling All Muslims

NY Times Op-Ed writer Thomas Friedman took some time off from his global warming alarmism and decided to write about something important — the lack of outrage in the Muslim community over the Mumbai attacks.

Friedman quite accurately points out that when it comes to dutch cartoons offending Islam, Muslims the world over take to the streets. They can loot, protest, burn cars, trample people, and give fiery sermons in the Mosque. Their white hot rage can burn for a good month or more with no let up.

However, when a group of Pakistani Muslims sneak into India by boat and go on a murderous rampage resulting in the death of 179+ innocent human beings in the name of Islam — we hear nothing.

Is no one outraged by the massacre? Why no protests? Just once, Muslims could take a break from burning president Bush in effigy and direct their rage towards the blood thirsty lunatics that live among them.Predictably, apologists will say good Muslims cannot speak out in the Middle East because it’s too dangerous for them. Fine, but how do explain Muslims in the U.S. never speaking out? I know you can find an Imam hear and there willing to condemn terrorism when asked about, but you never see group outrage or protests.

The largest concentration of Muslims in the U.S. is in Dearborn, Michigan. Why are they not protesting? Terrorists are perverting Islam and using it as an excuse to murder innocent people around the world — but nobody seems to really care.

No doubt I’ll be called a bigot or intolerant for my views on this, but I’m gonna say them anyway. After studying Islam quite a bit, I’ve come to the conclusion that the terrorists aren’t necessarily perverting Islam. Islam is in fact not a religion of peace as many would have us believe — but a religion of death. Murdering other humans in the name of Islam is not a radical proposition for many Muslims.

You can look at the so-called ‘honor killings‘ that take place even in America to know that. Even after 9/11 you didn’t see demonstrations by Muslims here in America over the atrocities. What you did see was dancing in the street by Muslims in Europe and the Middle East.

That is why I fundamentally do not trust Muslims. I don’t care if they’re American Muslims — I don’t trust them. I’ve seen no evidence to suggest that they can or should be trusted. I think we need to continue to keep immigration from Muslim countries tightly controlled. One only has to look at France, or Britain to know what unchecked Immigration from the Middle East can do.

They now have a parallel society in Britain and France that is capable of organizing violent uprisings around the city anytime something offends their delicate Islamic sensibilities.

We don’t need to welcome in thousands of potential enemies. We don’t need that kind of drama — we don’t want that kind of drama.

-Chris Jones