Message To McCain: Stand Up And Fight!

It is truly a painful experience to watch John McCain day after day give the same boring ass talking points. He just refuses to get emotional and really take it to Obama. People all across this country are outraged about what is happening in this country and how Obama has managed to benefit from it.

This is politics and for some reason John McCain thinks some things are supposed to be off the table. That’s total nonsense, you do whatever it takes to win — Obama damn sure will.

While it may seem trivial in the midst of our current economic woes, Barack Obama’s associations are an issue — a big one. Prior to running for President, Barack Obama surrounded himself with the most radical, left-wing kooks in this country.If you’re a left-wing nut and live in the greater Chicago area chances are you’re friends with Barack Obama. John McCain refuses to talk about Rev. Wright, Bill Ayres, and Father Phleger. Even if you give him a pass on Ayres, you simply cannot give him a pass on Wright.

The biggest lie of this entire campaign is that Barack never heard Wright give the kind of incendiary sermons we saw on YouTube. That wasn’t the Rev. Wright that he knew! What a crock of shit, when you go back and look at Rev. Wright’s sermons over the last 10 years or so, 90% of them are filled with racist rhetoric and anti-American nonsense.

It’s a damn lie that Barack didn’t know anything about it. The issue is more that Barack is lying about it than what his pastor actually said.

The same thing goes for Bill Ayres. It’s disgusting that any American would even be in the same room with that Weatherman piece of sh*t and his terrorist wife. How could a person even shake hands with a man who did so much to damage America in the 60’s and 70’s. The only reason that thug isn’t doing life in prison instead of radicalizing students is because the wiretap evidence the FBI had on him was thrown out, because a judge said it was illegally obtained.

The man’s guilt was never in question and even today he happily admits his crimes and says he didn’t do enough. Barack Obama was hired by that animal and worked closely with him for years.

Many McCain supporters across the country are furious that John McCain is being such a pussy. He said at the convention, “Stand Up and Fight!” But for some reason John McCain isn’t ready to do that. With only 28 days left until the election, he’s running out of time.

It’s time to start gouging eyes out (rhetorically speaking) and taking the fight to Barry. It’s time to fight the ACORN thugs who are trying to steal the election. It’s time to name names and call out Chris Dodd and Barney Frank for destroying the economy. It’s time call out Barack Obama for his radical associations including Wright, Phleger, Ayres, and Rezko.

McCain supporters are becoming increasingly more agitated and angry as we get closer to election time, because they don’t think anyone except Sarah Palin is fighting for them.

It’s time to get in this thing John. It’s time to fight.

-Chris Jones