Palin for 2012? Don’t count on it

A few weeks ago I read a rather interesting article by Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily dealing with the ever controversial and intriguing political personality that is Sarah Palin. The article titled “How Palin could beat Obama now” posits the idea that Palin should enter the race as a Democrat.  Farah suggests that Sarah Palin should reregister as a Democrat and announce her intentions to run against President Obama and seek the Democratic nomination for president in 2012. Yes you read that correctly and yes it’s a crazy idea which Farah readily admits. After all it was his idea. I agree with his reasoning as to why Palin should do this but you’ll have to read the article to find out why I agree.

See that’s just the thing about Sarah Palin. She is such an intriguing figure within the realm of politics that people want to know if she is going to run or not. Now that Gov. Chris Christie is clearly not going to enter the GOP race, it makes Sarah Palin that much more intriguing as a presidential candidate. Will she or won’t she? She still enjoys plenty of support amongst conservatives. Raising money for a presidential run would not be a problem considering her star power. It would keep her PAC well funded. She is really the only person within politics, with maybe the exception of Herman Cain, that has the will and drive to go along with the political transcendence necessary to actually effect change.

But for those of you that are hoping for a Sarah Palin presidential campaign run in 2012; don’t count on it. In my opinion she is not going to run for president in this election cycle. I believe that Joe McGinniss has made sure of that with his book The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin.

In his book he makes some really salacious and scandalous claims including that a single, young, and 23 year old Sarah Palin slept with NBA star Glen Rice when he was a student athlete at the University of Michigan; Palin smoked marijuana while in college; Palin and her husband Todd snorted cocaine off the top of an oil drum while snowmobiling with friends; Palin had an affair with her husband Todd’s business partner; she was a bad mom who locked herself in her room for hours leaving the kids to fend for themselves. Donald Craig Mitchell who wrote a review of the book (which ironically wasn’t a glowing review) points out much of what McGinniss passes along as fact is nothing more than rumor, innuendo, and hearsay. Mitchell isn’t the only one to dismiss McGinniss’ book. Take a look at Janet Maslin’s review and see for yourself.

In spite of the claims to the contrary, Sarah Palin is a smart woman and politically astute. She knows that Joe McGinniss and his book would be nothing more than a distraction for her and her campaign. She would spend more time defending herself against and discrediting the unsubstantiated rumors, lies, innuendos, and hearsay in McGinniss’ book than she would be in addressing the issues and articulating solutions to the problems that are dogging our country right now.

She knows that the timing and release of The Rogue (Sept. 20) was intended to be an October surprise. Its sole purpose was keeping her out the 2012 presidential campaign while hopefully ensuring Barack Obama a second term as president. Democrats and their supports aren’t that stupid. They know what she is capable of doing. They witnessed it first hand during the 2008 election cycle when Palin was the Republican vice presidential candidate. They want no part of her as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee challenging Barack Obama during his reelection bid.

My best guess is that Sarah Palin is lying low for now as she begins to build a case for a possible defamation lawsuit against Joe McGinniss and his publisher. McGuinniss would be wise to take heed of an ancient Proverb (18:6-7) that states: “A fool’s lips bring him strife and his mouth invites a beating. A fool’s mouth is his undoing and his lips are a snare to his soul.”As she continues to lay low and lets the whole Joe McGinniss escapade blow over she could very well be positionng herself for a run in 2016.

Just don’t count on her for 2012!