DNA of a Destructionist - B.O.


Obama increased the National debt, weakened our Military, took over our healthcare and opened the borders

There is something wrong with this picture – you be the judge.  Destructionist is one who destructs and destroys.  We have a person with this DNA in our midst and in 2009 he started what could well be described as an economic and political sabotage against our beautiful America.

No he isn’t a one man wrecking – crew, he was selected by a group of people who have been trying to destroy our Nation for years.  America has been ruthlessly invaded by a very, very evil faction of people; they have aggressively attacked our religions, our children’s education, our freedom of speech and our American dream.

They groomed and mentored this “Destructionist” to take over the position of President of the United States. He was suave, well – educated and probably the best orator of our times. They saw their chance when we were hit with the housing bubble, which threw us into a recession.

Americans were preoccupied with the many problems that they were facing daily – many were struggling just to keep a bit of food on the table.  This was the perfect time to start their march to take over our Country and usher in a total stranger the one whose job was to destroy.

If one were to read the “Destructionist’s” job description, it probably would read something like this – keep the troops divided (meaning the American people), create an environment of unrest between the races.  Viciously attack their religious freedoms and freedom of speech removing “God” from prayers, social events, the Courthouses and schools – your job is not to lead but to destroy.

Obama embraces the worst terrorist Country in the World – gives Iran the green light

Sanctuary States harboring illegal aliens, murders, rapists and drug dealers

Obama commutes sentences of 46 drug offenders – our children in danger

Obama weakens our Military – cuts thousands

Their Bible is the Cloward-Piven concept, which basically is a numbers game.  Create an environment that forces people to become dependents of the Government.   Destroy the concept that the Government is of the people, by the people and for the people.

Once people have to join the welfare crowd, they naturally become the property of the Government.  So the goal since 2009 was to drastically increase the numbers of food stamps and/or well fair recipients – he did that with ease rapidly increasing the food stamp recipients to 47ml.


Remember It’s a Numbers Game

Notice that they used Saul Alinsky’s formula for crippling a Nation. In order to control a Nation you prey on the people (citizens.)  Aggressively force people into the Government dependency basket so they can’t fight back or regain control of their lives.  They’ve deliberately and successfully placed millions of Americans on welfare by taking over their housing, healthcare, food and income.

In about 7 years they have increased our National debt over a trillion dollars per year.  In 2008 our National Debt was hovering right around 10 ½ trillion dollars and now in 2015 it is rapidly approaching the unsustainable level at $18, 059, 057, 473.89 as of July 14th, 2015.

They’ve set up control systems that will automatically throw many of our children into the welfare pool as they reach adulthood.  They’re positioning themselves to take over and control our religious beliefs, confiscate our guns and control our speech.

In this short time, they’ve managed to pit one race against another by propaganda and a very unique brainwashing technique that has devoured millions of our youth.   They are using millions of our youth to do their dirty work.

Many of our colleges and schools are under their control – these educational venues have perfected the brainwashing technique and they’re creating the next era of Socialists or Communists or whatever you want to call them.

We have youth graduating from these schools that don’t have a clue about our Constitution, our forefathers or that the Government is supposed be under the stewardship of the people.  These young people don’t know or if they do know that our forefathers created our Country as “One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All,” they chose to deny it.

These people who have tried to destroy the greatest Nation on earth forgot a 2 very important things, (1)  “GOD IS ALIVE AND WELL, “ and (2) The silent majority that Donald Trump mentioned recently is on the move to “TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.

May God Bless America

As Always, Little Tboca




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