Fireman Arrives at the Phoenix Convention Center - "The Donald"

McCain and Flake are trying to put the “Trump Fire” out – the only problem is their firehose and dinky little buckets of water aren’t about to stop Trump. Bring it on McCain and Flake because Trump has ignited a fire in American citizens’ hearts and souls that can’t be extinguished with lies and name calling.


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The people in Arizona, for the first time in many moons feel a glimmer of what it might be like to have a leader who will protect them and their families at all costs. Their hope of a better future for their children and generations has been ignited and no one, not even the Obama gang should be stupid enough to take on these Americans.

The “Valley of the Sun” has come alive today, people from all walks of life, all races and political preferences are dashing about trying to get tickets at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona to welcome Donald Trump to our great State and to listen intently to his message.

He’s the man of the hour in Arizona, not because he’s a celebrity, not because he’s a billionaire, but because he’s bringing hope to a State that has been ravished by the Obama Administration, Liberals, the Liberal News Media and the “Illegal Aliens. “

If there has ever been any doubt in your mind why Donald Trump has brought the “Illegal Immigration” problem to the forefront, go to this website and view some of the actual crimes committed in our Nation by illegal aliens.

What you will find will make you sick at your stomach and bring tears to your eyes. Kate the young women murdered by an illegal alien died in her father’s arms just a few days ago and hundreds of other families have lost a family member or family members by the hands of illegal aliens.

Trump is Right: Illegal Alien Crime is Staggering in Scope and Savagery

Non-Americans commit over five times more serious crimes per capita than Americans.

It is estimated that there are some 133,741 foreign criminals in prisons and jails in the USA (1).  They are not there for spitting on the sidewalk or jaywalking, and very few are there for immigration violations, as those illegal alien criminals are typically deported in fairly short order or simply let go as we have seen time and time again. They are there in large part for molesting, raping, killing, maiming and murdering people in America, as you will see below.

Add in the 168,680 convicted criminal immigrants who have final orders of removal but who remain at large in the U.S., and another 179,018 convicted criminal aliens with deportation cases pending but who are also at large (2), and we have a total non-American felon population of 481,439…a number the size of our 35th largest city, Sacramento, California, and larger than the entire populations each of Atlanta, Kansas City, Omaha, Miami, Minneapolis – and more.

And remember, for most of these felons, there was a victim

Read All Of:  Trump is Right: Illegal Alien Crime is Staggering in Scope and Savagery

Donald Trump will be supported by many Hispanic groups too, because he will reach across the table and work with them in solving the “illegal alien” problem. Just a brief note of interest to show one of the reasons that many Hispanics will welcome Trump’s intervention.

Updated April 2015 By Kristine Galvan, Reporter from Fox News Houston.

Pedro Rivera is 53 years old, Hispanic, and a retired military man. He’s also part of a growing number of Hispanic Texans pushing for stronger immigration enforcement, including the passage of SB 185, which would stop cities from implementing policies banning local cops from asking immigration-related questions.

I’m an American citizen and I believe in the rule of law,” Rivera said. “And being Hispanic, I should not be granted special privilege in avoiding the law. We need officers to have all the tools available to them to keep us safe. That includes asking the question, when you’re being detained for a crime or being arrested for an offense,‘ are you here illegally? Are you a US citizen?’”

Stay tuned – more coming after Donald’s speech today 7/11/2015

Grumpy Elder Side Note:  

I’m betting behind the scenes Washington DC’s political establishment’s going to be frantically trying to figure out what to do about Trump.

For the last two weeks both political establishment’s and the media have been treating Trump as a bad political joke.  Establishment Republican’s have been telling he world Trump was divisive and didn’t represent Republican values.

The jokes on them..

Last night Trump’s mostly republican audience loudly told the establishment, the establishment doesn’t represent their values.

With no notes and no teleprompter, Trump made it clear neither party represents the American People while speaking to a full house at the  Phoenix Convention Center.  Crowd estimates vary from the Washington Post’s putting the number at 9,000 and the Gateway Pundit’s high estimate of 20,000.  It’s likely the Washington Post low balled the figure and the Gateway Pundit included the thousands who couldn’t get into the Convention Center because there was no room..

Watch the Video, it’s worth it. .  Trump’s saying publicly what American’s have been saying for years.  https://youtu.be/ls3m7NUOqxs

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