Common Core Wears Many Hats


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Once upon a time a group of millionaires, billionaires were joined by a rather motley crew of people who decided to, (1) snatch our kids from us, (2) Constrain parents and teachers, (3) Take over our educational system in the USA and (4) Go global with their devious scheme.  In other words they would have sole control our children’s education throughout the World.

Obama – Duncan – Muslim Brotherhood download (14)

These leeches have spent years organizing and planning the takeover of our children – Obama’s job in this plan was to use Arne Duncan (sec of education) and several of his Muslim brotherhood buddies to establish the “mother of all data bases” in the takeover of our children.  Obama, as usual is jamming a “New World Order” down Americans throats!

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood is now partnering up with our Department of Education and the State Department to create an online program (Qatar) that will connect our United States schools with classrooms abroad.  As usual, they leave out some pertinent details.  My bet would be this; they are partnering with Middle East Countries under the Muslim Brotherhood control in an attempt to convert our children.

The founder (Hassan Al Banna) of the Qatar Foundation is the same person who founded Al Jazeera.  Hassan Al Banna, was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood is quoted stating it “is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its laws on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.”  Obama is striving for a new World Order and the Muslim Brotherhood is working hand in hand with him.  The Qatar foundation offers various language courses, scholarships and other programs integrated into the Department of Education.

Obama’s strategy is to have total control of our children and their parents from youth through adulthood – no cut off on this Obama database, it just keeps going and going. Stealth Jihad at work right under our noses!



Of course Obama lies about where Common Core originated saying the States voluntarily adopted this educational farce, but by now everyone knows we have a liar and dictator some call “Mr. President.” Actually an organization (Achieve) which I mentioned in the last blog along with our National Governors Association and Bill Gates put up about 200 million dollars to bribe our States’ Governors.  The gist of the whole plan is what most lay people know as a bribe – the millions (possible) billions of dollars were dangled in front of the Governors saying adopt Common Core and we’ll pad your pockets. download (16)

**** Remember our Federal laws are written to protect our education system and prescribing a specific curriculum for our kids is prohibited and so is finger printing and creating a database on our youth (Obama.)  But, having said that it is believed that over 40 States bit the carrot in order to receive a generous reward from Gates and the Governor’s Association.  

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – The 2nd Annual MENA Common Core Conference kicks off today Oct 24th & 25th in Dubai, proving that Common Core – the national standards initiative championed by the Obama administration – is going global. http://eagnews.org/common-core-conference-kicks-off-this-weekend-in-dubai/

Remember the many hats KDSL wears one with a mask – http://knowdoservelearn.org/KDSL%20Summer%202014%20Newsletter.pdf

Global, yes http://www.menacommoncore.com/

Who’s Behind the “Bush” or “Bushes”

Well the elitists who are pocketing money left and right have been hiding out in their gopher holes preparing their table for money, money and more money.  They’ve all jumped on the “Common Core” bandwagon another apocalypse just like Gore’s global warming and climate change.

Old Jeb Bush ain’t exactly dumb when it comes to pocketing taxpayer’s money and laughing all the way to the bank.  Jeb has been dabbling in this thing and I do mean monstrosity called ”Common Core,”  which is not for the good of our children but for the filthy profits generated by this faulty concept allowing the Government to create a uniformed curriculum for our children.

Old Jeb smelled money, lots of money and he’s front row seat with both hands out – he’s just the new monkey on the block, exactly like Al Gore who has become filthy rich off the backs of the hard working taxpayer’s who were dumb enough to believe the false data that Gore spewed over the past few years.

Bill Gates believes he’s been crowned “the big honcho” of business because of Microsoft – Bill will tell you money buys darn near anything you want (except  a conscience .)  Bill smelled money and that’s the bottom line and why he’s pushing “Common Core” down the throats of parents, teachers and educators.

This breaks my heart to write the next paragraph because this is about a person I’ve admired and respected. It merely establishes the fact that Governors and politicians will do about anything for a buck.

Mike. Huckabee is hiding under the (pastor umbrella) or straddling the fence – “preach” has been up to his armpits in this Common Core stuff and finding out as he said, “it’s a toxic issue.”  So “preach” came up with the unique idea of rebranding it, but not stopping it. Mike’s solution is to shove “Common Core” down our kid’s throat but just give it a new delightful name that will blindside parents and educators until it’s well established in all of our schools.


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