Common Core "Scheme Team"



There are predators in our midst and they’re stalking parents, children and our State’s Government. The goal is to take control of our schools systems, our Governors, our children and parental supervision.  It’s a deadly game that must be stopped immediately. 

Way back in 1996 Achieve, Inc. started accessing our educational system and started developing what they called national standards.  The national standards eventually mutated into what we know today as “Common Core.” Bill & Melinda Gates came on the scene around early 2007 pledging around 60ml. dollars along with the Eli Broad Foundation in an effort to create uniform standards for every school. 

To give parents and grandparents a jump start in understanding what is happening to our children right in front of our eyes go to Common Core State Standards, presented by Whitney Neal

Presented By: Whitney Neal

  •  Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations
  • Minor: Political Science
  • Masters Degree in Public Policy and Administration



ABC News just happened to spot a few millionaires and billionaires huddled in a meeting hosted by Bill & Melinda Gates.  In this secret meeting, behind closed doors none of the attendees wished to share the purpose or schemes they were contriving, but if you check closely each one seemed to have “Common Core” etched across their forehead.  

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Common Core is basically a pyramid scheme and as is common when there are enough participants playing the pyramid game, a few, a very few laugh all of the way to the bank. 


Who is being shut out of the “Common Core” scheme?  Parents, our students, our teachers, our school boards, councils, most of our State Representatives and the public at large. download (13)

Who are the benificiaries of “Common Core?”  Let’s start with Obama & Muslim Brotherhood, Bill and Melinda Gates, many of our naughty Governor’s, good Ole Arne Duncan (Department of Education), Jeb Bush (don’t let the innocent baby face fool you.”  Some of the other big guns include Microsoft, Intel , Achieve, Inc. and GE.

“Common Core is a tangled web that is intertwined with many different companies, corporations, agencies and billionaire fingers in our educational pot, but in the end it’s all about money and taking control of our children and their education. The information in this blog is just the tip of the iceberg!

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