Simply Hypocrisy

As a woman, I am insulted by the way liberals and liberal media are treating Mrs. Palin. Here is something I wrote that express my concern over their hypocrisy:

Simply Hypocrisy

Liberals across American take pride in their liberal values that give women the right to choose, equal pay for equal work, equal education, and to be leaders at home and in society. Yet, when a woman is nominated for the job of America’s Vice President (VP), the liberals turn away from their party’s ideas and seem to suffer from some kind of political amnesia simply because that woman is a conservative. Instead they argue that Sarah Palin should not be VP, they question her abilities as a mother, and they take away her right to choose. They completely reduce their so-called stand for women to a political play rooted in hypocrisy. Point and case:

As liberals claim to fight for change and women’s rights in education and in the workplace, they also claim that Palin is not educated enough and that being governor is not qualifying enough experience. Sarah Palin received a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Idaho, an accomplishment that should make the women’s right movement happy. Yet, instead the liberals say that this is no ivy league education and that her education is simply lacking. Sarah Palin has had thirteen years in politics including being mayor of Wasilla and being Governor of Alaska. She is one of about thirty women who have ever been elected as a governor. Women have fought to get equal opportunities in the workplace for years, and have frankly not always had such opportunities. Her accomplishments are quite a feat for the women in America. Nonetheless, the liberal left questions if these accomplishments are qualifying enough when women have not always had these opportunities available to them. This is simply hypocrisy.

Sarah Palin also finds herself under attack for being a working mother. Additionally, they sling mud into the argument that Palin should not run for VP with a pregnant teenager, almost implying that she would not be present enough as a mother. In recent days, liberals have questioned if a mother of five should accept the job of Vice President; however, they do not seem to question if Barack Obama, father of two, should be President, or if Biden, father and grandfather, should become VP. Has anyone questioned Mrs. Obama for being both a mom and a career woman? Liberals assert that they are fighting for equal opportunities for women in the workplace, but now they question if a mom really can have both family and career. This double standard is precisely what the liberals have professed to fight against, but now they are perpetuating it; that men are the bread winners and women are the stay at home moms. This is simply hypocrisy.

Liberals also claim to fight for the woman’s right to choose. The right to choose implies that there is a choice for women to make; the choice to continue the pregnancy, or the choice to terminate the pregnancy. Sarah Palin exercised this right to choose and chose to keep her child. However, because her decision fell on the side of life, the liberals now want to take this choice away from Palin and paint her as an intolerant conservative. If liberals are going to stand for the right to choose, then they must accept the choices of women who choose to keep their pregnancy. Otherwise, liberals need to revise their stance to be Pro-Abortion and not Pro-Choice. This is simply hypocrisy.

Those 18 million cracks in the highest glass ceiling that Hillary Clinton placed are in danger of being sealed over by the party that claims to have put them there. The women’s right to choose, equal pay for equal work, equal education, and to be leaders at home and in society have long been staples in the liberal platform. Yet, now when a conservative women has been nominated for VP, liberals are now forgetting their stances on women’s rights. They now claim that a women is not qualified enough, not educated enough, cannot be a working mother, and cannot choose to keep her pregnancy. This is simply hypocrisy. Sarah, you go girl and bring a new type politics to America.