Limbaugh, Leftist Media, and elected Democrats

So over the past few days we’ve witnessed a number of Republican politicians being peppered with questions about Rush and his role in the GOP.

What I want to know is: Why aren’t there any interviews with elected Democrats about Keith Olbermann’s craziness and, in this case, outrageous racism…watch this shocker:

Can you imagine if someone at Fox News said that “White Males” like Howard Dean are “victims of Stockholm syndrome” because they are Democrats? That they lacked the mental capability to judge for what’s good for themselves and are betraying themselves and their white race? What would the mere asking of such a question reveal about the Fox News anchor’s proclivities? As Andy Levy points out in the video…it would be recognized as an outrageous question based on racist ideology that asserts certain races should think certain ways.  Well apparently it’s not outrageous but a worthy ideology for cable television if you’re Keith Olbermann.

Come to think of it this philosophy sounds familiar: Hitler…yes I said it…Hitler thought much in the same way. Oh wait Garafolo already made that point in the above video.

Greg Gutfeld remarks sarcastically after his Greg-alogue: “And if you disagree with me….then you sir are worse than Hitler.” Olbermann and Garafalo say the same thing…except… they are actually serious.

I now await the following questions to Nancy Pelosi or President Obama: Is Keith Olbermann the leader of the Democratic Party? Do you support Keith Olbermann’s notion that Michael Steele is a “self-loathing” black man b/c he’s a Republican?

I think a lot of people would be surprised by her TRUE thoughts on the matter…though not those of us familiar with the ideology of a San Francisco leftist. But there I go assuming things…

Update: I just remembered that it’s not supposed to be acceptable even for MSNBC…at least not in the case of Don Imus. Wow the hypocrisy is horrid! You can assert that the chairman of one of the two national parties in America is a “self-loathing” black man in prime time cable TV but not make a similarly horrible statement in the early morning. Some of us should really get on this… starting with Michael Steele himself.