One of the most Undemocratic, misnomered pieces of sh*- er; uh : I mean Legislation ever dreamed up by the current congress is the Employee Free Choice Act. Let’s face it, much of legislation today is about corruption, preserving that power that corrupts, and pitching the sale of it in some way that is palatable to the uninformed, underinformed or flat out misinformed by a title like that of this legislation like this.

It is truly a way for the Democrats to pay back the favor$ that the Union Bosses did in getting the current Congress elected. The “Employee Free Choice Act” is carefully titled to use words with positive psychological weight, but it is about anything but “Freedom” or “Choice,” rather about more power for self dealing union bosses to preserve their corrupt power and to essentially extort- or “skim” money from the common worker’s paycheck.

I talked with a person I once worked for who is now a Human Resources director at a Major University. I asked about Unions at the University, and he said they don’t have or need one. “We treat our people right” is what he said. What a concept! Perhaps other employers should have this sort of relationship with their valued employees.

EFCA will force unions onto people who neither want, nor need, nor can afford what is essentially another tax out of their paychecks. Paying is the easy part. The hard part is often unions’ bosses are bent, or dominated by management or even contracted to not represent them*. Is this the type of people who , in this America should have power , and be able use KGB style tactics to preserve their power by instilling fear of a worker loosing their job for voting for the wrong Union Boss? Right to work or laws like California’s that require neutrality towards unions should be adopted. Unions should organize by theit own volition rather than having the government do this work for them.

The promises of a union anymore are usually just that. Promises and a just a small dues out of of pay , but no real benefit. My father’s story of when he was hungry for work is a good one. Five bucks was a a lot of money in those days, but a union Business Agent promised him all the work he could stand to join up. He paid the man. After a week of work there was no more aviailable through the hiring hall, and he found work on his own. While on a jobsite the Union BA cam buy with some line about checking cards. Dad’s plan was good. He looked up from across the lot, and yelled “You’re that S.O. B. that stile my money,” and began a deliberate pace towards the con man. Needless to say the, the guy ran never to return. Is this not the same message that needs to be sent to the unions that have this undue influence on our Congress?

Let’s hope that if McCain is elected, he does not back down from his opposition of this legislation, and does not waffle or compromise on his promise to VETO this legislative folly and attempt of the Democratic Congress to return the favor to their Union Bosses. It was good to hear John mention standing up to Union Bosses in his speech tonight, we should all hope he maintains his stance.

While the “http://www.aflcio.org/issues/politics/mccain_wrights.cfm” claims this is something that is a detracts for McCain, this legislation is an attempt to foist themselves on the workers who would have a Union forced into their workplace, against their CHOICE and in violation of their first amendment right to FREEDOM of association. And common knowledge is the AFL-CIO is as corruptible as any beaureacracy.

*Example of a Corrupt Union Business Manager’s Contract to NOT represent it’s members: