Help to increase the chaos in the IL democratic party!

I’ve begun a facebook group – REPUBLICANS FOR SCOTT LEE COHEN, the carbuncle on incumbent governor Pat Quinn’s rosy posterior. This nobody managed to finish on top in a 6-way race for Lieutenant Governor (normally a meaningless job, but in IL, sitting governors are replaced with startling regularity).

What’s so wrong with Scott Lee Cohen? How about wifebeating, steroid-shooting, deadbeat-dadding and trying to slash a prostitute’s throat? Got your attention now?

Governor Quinn is begging Cohen to drop out, less than a week after winning the primary. Cohen is holding fast for now, but the guy needs our support to stay in it. With any luck, he will be the anchor that drags the IL democratic party to the bottom of Lake Michigan for YEARS to come.

Visit and join now! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=297856458936&ref=ts and bring your best sense of sarcasm. Remember, we’re all about helping Scott “help” Illinois (by dragging Quinn into early retirement)!