Red meat here on Conservative economic credentials, with audiovisual to boot!

Are you tired of having Obama-loving, newbie “left-leaning” and hardliner Dems as well, play deaf when you make your case for McCain’s (and Republicans’) economic credentials? I am.

And, guess what? That statement by McCain on “the fundamentals of our economy” being strong? True statement! GDP, GDP per capita, growth of both…all are stronger than Asian countries and the EU, as well as most of the individual EU countries. Who beats our numbers from time to time? Ireland…who has a much lower corporate tax rate than we. Hmmm.

Our deficit? A fraction of the deficits of other democracies, when considered in comparison to our GDP…

Our unemployment rate? Lower than that of the UK, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, the EU average, and Spain… Remember that our unemployment rate is around 6%…and that 4-5% = full employment. It can’t get lower than that.(Also, our employment rate growth is 3X the major EU economies.)

Our current economic (and credit) crisis? Brought on by widespread foreclosures and the effect of that loss of value in the marketplace, as a traded security. Why the increase in foreclosures? Democrats (Frank, Schumer, Dodd, reduced the standards of credit approval, backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and dozens of unstable mortgages were written since 2000.

Our current rate of taxation of the “rich”? Already much higher than under Carter and under Clinton. Taxes on the poorest taxpayers? G. W. Bush reduced them to an 30-year-low. And taxes on the “middle class?” Also lower than ever before, as a percentage of total taxes paid.

We need to help people with inquiring minds understand why Obama’s economic policies would do damage. I have found that the simple statement, “Obama is a Socialist,” doesn’t hold up our end of the case for McCain and the Republican administration.

All of these points, and more, are made in graphics presented in the video. Have a look.

mfsheldon linked to this well-done (albeit 11-minute-long) video this morning, and it makes the best case I have seen in a long time for why our conservative government policies need to be continued for the sake of economic growth in America.

Watch it…share it…. It deserves to be viewed broadly!


I will quote mfsheldon below the fold, who posted this video as a comment in Doc Holliday’s diary on Rep. Murtha.

Credit to mfsheldon, whose original comment is here, in Doc Holliday’s diary: http://www.redstate.com/diaries/doc_holliday/2008/oct/24/lets-bring-down-murtha/.

Here’s the full text of the original post:

Please help promote these videos. I want conservatives to learn to use the Internet as a weapon laden with facts.

These come from the “Burning Down The House” video that was on Drudge.

Here is the latest video. It is incredible. If only McCain did more videos like these…


I think it could have viral qualities.

There are many other videos on this YouTube channel:


Spread these videos and post them everywhere. Think of it like this, with 10,000 committed people posting these in 10 places each day over 10 days, that is 1,000,000 postings.

If 10 people see each posting that is 10,000,000 views. If only 1 in 10 send it to 10 people that is 20,000,000 views.

You are talking enough impact to change an election! Let’s do that!

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