Vote on who won the debate...Kossites are thronging the polls

Here’s a list of polls where RedStaters can vote on who won the debate. It seems that our lovely friends on the other side of the internet at DailyKos have sent their minions to swarm these polls. Perhaps we could do our share?

Vote at AOL

Vote at Drudge

Vote at Newsvine

Vote at MSNBC

Vote at Chicago Tribune

Vote at Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Vote at Michigan Live

Vote at Rocky Mountain News

Vote at Politico

(ed. note: These two were added later in the day…)

Vote at Instapundit

Vote at Fox News

There are surely others, perhaps most notably your local stations’ and papers’ news pages.

Don’t get creeped out as you see the handicraft of those who got a jump on us…

Also, I don’t want to poison RedState, but here’s the post on DailyKos. Slugs.

*FREEP LIST FOR TONIGHT’S DEBATE * by Kevinole Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 05:50:57 PM PDT After every presidential debate news outlets all across America (and the world) post polls on their websites that ask “Who do you think won the debate?”

I’m posting this handy starter list of news sites that host these polls.

Your mission is twofold…

Add to this list with local and national news sites that have polls (swing states especially!) At the end of the debate, visit as many of the sites listed here as you can and cast your vote for Barack Obama. I hate to ask for recs, but it would be very helpful to keep this diary visible in order to collect more poll sites and to get maximum votes for Obama.

You know our opponents are doing the same thing to spin the debate in McCain’s favor. We’re just going to be a little more organized about it.