What place does racism have in this race?

Once in a while, we all would probably admit that we find some in our midst on the right who does not seem to agree on the priorities in our country, our government, or this campaign. Today I ran into a sickening example of racism from what I assume is the right, and I thought it deserved stamping out here.

Have you already heard about the “Obama’s Waffles” mix that some sick folks decided to sell at the Values Voters Summit? If not, read about it here in the Los Angeles Times blog. Obama’s waffling on positions needs substantive discussion, and this base joke obstructs that by showing Sen. Obama in Middle Eastern headwear and lampooning him with rap song references.

Yesterday, I thought I had accidentally tuned in to the Jim Crowe south when I tuned in to Rush Limbaugh’s show and heard a song–a full-length song!–called “Barack the Magic Negro” (sung to the tune of “Puff the Magic Dragon.”) I am not sure if that was to get a laugh, or to condemn abuses of free speech…I admit I had missed his reasons for broadcasting it.

What place does race-baiting have in this campaign? Who didn’t realize that these images and words are inflammatory? Why engage in this base “humor” when Obama’s non-race-related shortcomings need so much serious discussion?

I humbly request of all my fellow readers, all who support the McCain/Palin ticket, and all those undecideds and Obama-supporters, as well…. Please! If any part of your critique of (or your support for) Sen. Obama for president is in any way related to the color of his skin, then please keep that opinion to yourself. And, by all means, do not make jokes that will at the least offend the rest of us and at the worst, drive even greater wedges between us, stoking flames of racial hatred on both sides.

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