Why 2014 Won’t Matter Without Voter ID

There’s strong evidence that the elections in 2008 and 2012 were severely hampered by voter fraud. After the George Bush win in 2004, George Soros got busy with his infamous SOS Project flipping several Secretaries of State across the nation from R to D. Remember that the SOS decides if voter fraud actually happened (to see how that works for Dems, review the Coleman/Franken circus in Minnesota). Anyway, Soros wanted to make sure that there would never be another R win in the White House. He’s succeeded for two major elections. America is held hostage by far left radicals and an uninformed/misinformed or moronic population many with outstretched entitlement sullied hands. There are many things that need to be done to save what’s left of our Republic. But none of it will matter if we can’t get it right at the polls. We still have the votes but we have to make them count.

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I am firmly convinced that Obama intends to steal back the House and increase his control on the Senate. Unless stopped, massive voter fraud which is a winning strategy for him will work again in 2014. And he MUST win the House to complete his agenda. I’m not foolish enough to believe that instituting Voter ID in more states is all that will win an election–electronic audits of rampant tampering of software (remember Reid and Angle and the magically changing SEIU voting machines?) –must also be performed. Voting integrity must be returned to the voting booth and it is a monumental task. The DFF (Democrat Fraud Factor) has permeated all states in the Union. But most of us know that where there was Voter Photo ID, Obama lost. In 2014 and beyond, it is my contention that the only way Dems can win elections is through voter fraud.

“The left is constantly working on these voting issues,” Mr. von Spakovsky says. “They have dozens of organizations, with a lot of money.” The goal, he says, is “to change the rules to give them an advantage in elections. The other side of the political aisle just doesn’t do that.”

In this same article in the Wall Street Journal, we learn about the Voter Empowerment Act (another radical lefist twist of phrase):

“The Voter Empowerment Act would also mandate automatic registration of individuals on motor-vehicle, tax and university rolls, many of whom are aliens or have multiple addresses in different states: “You’re basically going to be registering lots of people who are ineligible and leading to many duplicate registrations.” The groups pushing such efforts—among them the Brennan Center for Justice, the ACLU and the NAACP—include “the same organizations that have been filing lawsuits over the past few years trying to prevent states from verifying the accuracy and eligibility of people on their voter-registration databases,” Mr. von Spakovsky says.”

Now, you probably didn’t know there was a difference between Voter ID and Photo Voter ID and REQUIRED Photo Voter ID, right? There is a difference. As the chart below shows, there are states with NO VOTER ID required (I live in one–IL–DFF alive and well); REQUESTED PHOTO VOTER ID (if you want to cheat, how does this make sense? Reminds me of the question at airports before 9/11–“Do you have anything dangerous on your person?” before boarding a plane); VOTER ID (without photo); and REQUIRED PHOTO VOTER ID (this is the one we want, people, and the one the liberals are fighting).

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How do we accomplish this? First let me explain something I call “THE DAILY PATRIOT.”

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Everyday, every American needs to do something to promote our Republic. First, scan the internet for the latest headlines on what the liberals are doing each day to destroy the Republic. This is easy. They are working every day–you can follow Drudge or Bad Blue (be careful on this one of inaccurate information–do your research!) or listen to Mark Levin, etc. to find out how they are destroying America each day. Reputable blogs abound–TCH, The Gateway Pundit, Red State, etc. Another way to keep abreast of what is coming up for a vote (and monitor how your own reps are voting) is by following Mega Vote–you get this right in your email inbox and always have the latest information). Your job is to do something to counter the Left–every day. You call/fax/email your representatives to tell them how you want them to vote. If you want to go further, you can be a little creative. Write or fax OTHER representatives in OTHER states. It is my opinion what they do affects ALL of us so technically, they represent ALL of us. I contribute across the country so in effect, I am their constituent. In my letters to them, I say as much. I announce myself, “As a constituent…” and then state my case. It is easiest to fax. Links are at the end of this blog. If you need to write, it is more tedious as they expect you to know their 5 + 4 zip codes and it is a rep by rep contact. That is OK. I use their home office 5 + 4 which can be found here. I just methodically write them day by day going across the country. That is my Daily Patriot and I suggest you make up your own Daily Patriot and get busy. We have no time to waste.

Here is a place to start with REQUIRED PHOTO VOTER ID: Along with writing Senators and Congressmen/women in each state without it, we need to start writing/calling/faxing campaigns to those in the GOP who have a vested interest in passing Voter ID–Republican Governors and Secretaries of State. They like to stay in office and it will be increasingly hard for R’s to stay in office without required photo voter ID. We also need to be requesting independent audits of the voting software in each of these states and governors can make this happen. In this blog, I’ve provided you lists to start your Daily Patriot. But here are valuable fax/call lists of the 2013 Congress for Senators and House Reps.

Below is a list of Republican governors in states where there is no REQUIRED Photo ID to vote:
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The Daily Patriot requires that we begin writing each of these governors and pushing them to work with their Secretaries of State to bring Required Photo Voter ID and software audits to their states BEFORE the 2014 elections. An additional group with whom to get involved is TRUE THE VOTE. They are fighting an uphill battle for voter integrity.

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