Before and After: Why Life Has Forever Changed After Obama's Re-election

Many would agree that early evening on November 6th, 2012, life took a decidedly downward turn. Conservative pundits tried to put a positive spin on the spiraling tallies but deep inside many of us, we felt a deep foreboding. We backed off watching the news, listening to talk radio or reading blogs and some of us have still not yet gotten back to our regular listening/watching habits and for me, my writing schedule. Why? It is not just depression although that is a part of it. It is not just shock and grief although that is part of it, too. And it is not just anger although for sure there is anger. Many of us know that the election was possibly a close one but one thing some of us know is that it was stolen. There are many reasons why we feel this way and I will include some of that research here but it is easy enough to do yourself if you are interested. Even now, True the Vote is suing St. Lucie County in Florida for voting misconduct.

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Why didn’t Romney fight back? Why didn’t the GOP address the fraud? Maybe Romney knew he would lose before he did and all of it was play acting–there are the conspiracy theories out there. Maybe he knew when he lost that the GOP would not fight for him. In 1982, the GOP agreed to walk away from Democrat voter fraud to avoid legal ramifications of discrimination. A recent March 2012 attempt to reverse that ruling failed. The DFF (Democrat Fraud Factor) is with us to stay and now it’s winning presidential elections–by only 400,000 votes or 69 electoral votes. Some might say, “How did some R’s win at all?” There’s a theory for that where a total 100% loss would be too obvious.

For the Record

We found it difficult to listen to the news because what we knew to be true wasn’t being reported. Romney and the GOP were being blamed for the loss. Those who did not vote were being blamed–and while certainly both reasons were factors, we saw the throngs at Romney’s events; we saw polls and research that pointed to landslides. And then we saw 149% voting in PA and 109% in FLA and 1 out of 5 voters ineligible to vote in Ohio. We saw the lineup of non-residents voting in Maine. We saw and read and heard and knew nothing would be done about it. In fact, if voter fraud is not tackled soon , a vote at all in 2014 is an act of lunacy. Obama needs to win back the House and keep the Senate to complete his agenda against America. For that reason alone, the DFF will continue.

Obama and his administration have put forth executive orders and mandates and fiats as if he had won in a landslide. There will be no compromising with the right nor consideration for the majority of the country who are vehemently against his policies and lawlessness. Everything from moratoriums on drilling in the Gulf to executive “actions” for gun control, shows we have a runaway despot in the White House.

There are no real investigations of any consequence into Fast and Furious, a gun-running scheme that cost the lives of many and the Benghazi incident has been carefully swept under the prayer mat.

Then of great consequence is the beyond control spending of this president.

“The problem is that Obama has only greatly accelerated everything Bush did wrong, and reversed everything Bush did right.”

Spending alone is bringing America to her knees which of course is the point and Obama’s plan all along to topple the greatest country ever created and in the process eliminate its Constitution.

Once you start to mistrust your “leaders” it’s hard to not get caught up in conspiracy theories. And they abound. Blogs daily sift through fear and reality. From gun control to stockpiling ammunition to plans for martial law to kill lists and murdered conservatives and heroes, informed Americans are having trouble sleeping at night. That foreboding is still with us but our guts are telling us not all is mere conspiracy.

Alinsky taught liberals to overload the system:

“..the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.”

And we are overloaded. Many are beginning to stockpile weapons and ammunition. Survival/protection of one’s family several years ago was the stuff of horror films but are popular topics now since Obama’s re-election. Friends have told me they feel a creeping malaise stemming from a lack of control–their own inability to redress the instability that has seized the nation…and them. Houses underwater, Obamacare, a complicit media and conspiracy has made for a cocktail of doom–a feeling that the ship can never again be righted and we are destined to sink.

And so it is. Life has forever changed since The One took office for the second time. Yet something in us won’t give up…I can’t and don’t think God wants us to stop fighting evil, but I must admit I’ve added to my work studying the end times in Revelations. I find it essential to believe God is ultimately in control.

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Our Constitution is a roadmap for fighting despotism and totalitarianism and we must continue to fight for it and for our Republic. If we conservatives were sleeping before, we’ve certainly awakened and our fight has expanded from national to local levels where we feel we still have some power (more on this in a later blog). And our efforts must expand to installing Required Photo Voter ID in every state but especially swing states (again, more on this later). Like our founding fathers, we are in the battle until the end however that happens. Like many of you, I’m not going under without a fight.