Conservatives–Learn a Lesson from Holocaust Survivors–And Pass the Gauntlet to Your Kids

Conservatives would do well to learn a lesson from the Holocaust survivors who fight until their deaths to keep the memory of that tragedy alive. And there are not many WW2 survivors are left to remind us why they fought for our freedoms…the same freedoms we lost yesterday and are losing every day a liberal is in power. And like the Holocaust survivors, we need to keep what liberalism does to a republic out front and center with daily education to every sector however small. After all, the Holocaust started with small changes in a democracy that grew to a dictatorship because of those on the Left. The same dangerous seeds have already been planted in our country.

Many, after yesterday’s SCOTUS betrayal, want to give up. The Left mocks us and our own president spikes the proverbial football time and time again while railing against us to shut up and take it. Do you think for a minute those who fought to found this country ever thought they could rest? Yet we have rested for decades, not paying attention.And now we ARE attentive, aren’t we. Do you think our founders and those who backed them were not afraid? They were as terrified as we are at this point in history. Terrified to lose this nation. When Rush Limbaugh says he’s scared–I’m scared. But, THIS is what courage means–doing something in spite of your own fear. Acting in the face of fear. This is what soldiers do. And we are soldiers of the highest order. Fighting a battle that cannot be lost.

Liberals in power do not rest. They do not give up, they push on with their agenda by hook or by crook–and crooks they all are. I have never felt anger like I do toward liberalism and its misguided followers. Holocaust survivors have worked to educate the public and children in schools with yearly programs and museums. Liberals have worked with unions to educate children by controlling schools and teachers and textbooks filled with liberal propaganda and slants against our Republic. When THEY lose, as in 2004, they turn to big money like George Soros to change the Secretary State in at least 11 states from Republican to Democrat so that voting fraud can prosper, they put in place cheating mechanisms so that people like Franken and Reid can win and gain majorities in the Senate. They turn to the media–ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. spewing misinformation and slanted rhetoric.

What do we do when WE lose? We get involved. Between this blog, my Redstate blog, email and Facebook, I only have an audience of maybe 50. I’m a tiny fish in a tiny pond. But I do have children and although they look at me like a political kook, I’m not giving up on them. I got them to vote R in 2010, now I’m working to get them involved locally. My stepson, God bless him, has connected with the San Francisco Young Republicans of all places–the most liberal city in the land. I have gotten some of my family and friends and a few acquaintances more engaged in the process. Each of us needs to do this and we multiply our efforts. There are many out there who are sick and tired of liberalism but don’t know what to do. They can put a sign in their yard. They can make phone calls, walk in parades, pass out literature, drive someone to the polls, be a poll watcher, walk neighborhoods, etc.

For your adult kids:
Use a search engine to find their local Young Republicans, local Tea Party. Look up their local GOP candidates and send them the information on how to connect. Regale the positives of connecting with others who fight for liberty. Impress upon them the consequences of doing nothing–the increase in taxes and the decrease in their pocketbooks. You may be the only one to give them this message. This conservative activism stuff is not just your hobby–it’s your responsibility–it’s your country. Give them a subscription to talk radio or send them info on Mark Levin who doesn’t charge for his subscriptions.

Proverbs 22:6: “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” You didn’t let them walk out into a busy highway when they were 2. If they are doing nothing, they are now on a fast moving highway toward a cliff. Like our brothers and sisters of the Holocaust, it is time for them to take up the gauntlet now.