Will It Matter Who Wins GOP?

Will it matter who wins the GOP Primary? Will it matter that the late great Andrew Breitbart’s Obama vetting videos get out to the public? Obama has his automatic voters–most Blacks still blindly support him because of his race. Many of the over 40% of the entitled non-taxpaying citizens will support him for what he delivers via our hard-earned dollars. All of his followers entrenched in the Democrat party will vote for him because they can’t imagine doing otherwise or are just ignorant and don’t pay attention. Those who do pay attention and are conservative do not worry about these voters–we know and have always known they are are a part of the scenery in the developed election process we now have. We even know and reluctantly acknowledge that Obama has a complicit media and celebrity elites who have become a propaganda arm of the liberal left omitting, twisting, paraphrasing and sometimes out and out lying to support their leader who in turn provides for them in their continual quest for elitist status.

What we DO worry about is the systemic fraud that has been set up and is even now active in several far reaching areas to give Obama another 4 years and our country a permanent socialist status. The Chicago Machine has gone viral. Sharon Meroni and her colleagues from DefendtheVote.com have unearthed many illegal or unsanctioned actions throughout Chicagoland making many precincts ripe for fraud. We have Democrats fighting everywhere against voter ID.

And voter fraud, by design, is and has been a huge factor in elections across our country. It WILL play a large factor in an Obama win. Project Veritas, a group headed by James O’Keefe (of Breitbart/ACORN fame), states:

A new study conducted by the Pew Center on the States shows that almost TWO MILLION dead Americans are on active voter rolls, and almost THREE MILLION people have active registrations in more than one state. In all, the study said, approximately one out of every eight voter registrations in the United States are either invalid or have “significant inaccuracies.”

Each state must make its own fight against voter fraud which is sure to be an uphill battle especially in this upcoming election. Ms. Meroni and her team have found help through the GOP in Illinois which is very encouraging. They have had very recent victories:
A Brief Overview: Chicago changed their security procedures on Election Day equipment. New Seal procedures have been added providing greater security. They added a Democrat and a Republican election judge to every early voting site in Chicago. They added the requirement early voting sites will be administered only by US Citizens. They agreed to work with security experts on safe-guarding the electronic vote. They changed their Human Resource procedures. Chicago is very active in purging their voter registration rolls. They purged late in 2011. Chicago takes particular pride in how they administer the military vote and provided details of their active role in promoting and securing the military vote.

There is more: The meeting was truly an open forum. The Commissioners answered every question the public had. They were open, approachable and responsive! What a difference compared to last Wednesday’s Illinois State Board of Elections meeting (listen to the audio of this meeting HERE)! You can contribute through DefendTheVote.Com or volunteer to help in Illinois by becoming a Vote Auditor. For other states, contact your local GOP, the Save America Foundation, your local precinct committeeman/woman and/or join Project Veritas.

The following is an interactive map of the Voter ID requirements in the United States:

And who will be voting besides dead people and double voters? Concerns abound about illegals and felons voting. I had asked Ms. Meroni about the Illinois felon vote that took place in our recent governor race. She said the numbers were not high enough to make a big effect here. I’m not so sure about our state times 50. Obama is working hard to get the illegal alien vote and through “last minute legitimacy” or fraud or a stronger Latino vote, this would surely affect his numbers. Recent 2010 reports show that presently 11,200,000 illegal aliens live in the US. I’m assuming since that report is 2 years old our numbers are even higher. If Obama is successful in his backdoor amnesty efforts, this many more votes are added to his coffers.

As Rush Limbaugh had stated–our hope of winning in 2012 is through a landslide–it is very hard to achieve your win via fraud in a landslide. May it be so.