Heads in the Sand and the 80-Day Peril

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. – Albert Einstein

Last weekend, the hubby and I were at Hannity’s Freedom Concert in Ohio. I happened upon a Randy Hultgren supporter (from our voting district) and he told me his wife ran the Victory Center in our town. Then he chastised me for being at an “event” and not making calls. I was raised Catholic so I have the gift of guilt (that keeps on giving) and yes I felt guilty. I’ve sent emails, faxes, walked in parades, been to Tea Party events, gone to D.C. and gone to political meetings. I also contribute to several campaigns across the country. It is one thing to not know your country is falling apart so you do nothing but a lot of us actually KNOW America is on the brink of disaster and we do have to do more than vote. With the evil we face in Obama, “just voting” is no longer enough.

OK, I’ve made political calls before. I don’t like it but I do it–sort of fake it to make it (I’m not exactly gregarious). So I went this afternoon to our Victory Center to make calls and I probably made over 50–I was the only caller there at the time. I was impressed with the call system that is totally automatic–you press “answered” “no answer” and then the survey responses. I liked the style–format–of the survey we gave–it was nonpartisan–and if the participant was on “our” side, at the end we asked if they’d post a yard sign. Most folks were relatively friendly but a few things surprised me:
1.) A lot of people aren’t home on Saturday, should we have left messages? Don’t know–personally I rarely listen to political messages.
2.) A lot of people don’t know the issues–heads in the sand types–they answered “undecided” to most questions.
3.) A lot of people vote based on name recognition–and our dishonest, Nancy Pelosi supporter voting opponent has name recognition in spades in our town (he also has a lot of money and SPENDS a lot of our money on pork while avoiding and ignoring his constituency).
4.) There are many people who declare themselves as Democrat–more heads in the sand or perhaps ill-informed folks (don’t watch or read news or only watch MSNBC…).

This AM, we had a chance to go door to door. My 12 hour work days have made it next to impossible to force myself to get up early on my day off, but after doing the call center and hearing from my un/mis-informed neighbors, I think I need to make that sacrifice. But how do you make someone care about the issues? The economic reality has not hit some families and others have believed the “it’s George Bush’s fault” hype. If I hear a liberal say the phrase, “Give Obama more time” just once more, I’m going to implode. Was any conservative president ever given that kind of leeway to escape responsibility? I am incredulous that anyone can continue to give this administration a pass but maybe it will take January’s expiration of the Bush tax cuts to wake the suckers up.
I ran across an thought-provoking You Tube video created by a candidate for senate in Connecticut. He has an interesting take on the difference that political calling can make and he claims that 40% of polled callers may change their mind by election day. What impressed me was the number of calls made in one day–9,000! Total calls for today at my call center was under 120! Thankfully, our station is not the only one calling for our candidate but I realize we need a lot of work to be done in the next 80 days for ALL conservative candidates.

So how can we turn people around? There are political training sessions across the country that teach us talking points, tactics, etc. My schedule does not allow me to attend any of them (unless I can find one that starts at 9 PM) but I can still spend an evening reading their literature or follow along with experts and learn on the road. Anyone can learn this and if we, too, have the chance to change even 20% of the voters’ minds, we might have a chance of defeating our bloated and arrogant Democrat opponent.

The alternative is to hope the “heads in the sand” crowd don’t show up to the polls in 80 days. With less than 3 months before the mid-term elections, doing nothing is a peril we can’t afford to take.

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