Why Do Over 90% of Blacks Still Support Obama?

Why do over 90% of blacks still support Obama? In a June 2010 article from Medhill Report out of Northwestern University in Chicago, we learn some interesting though not surprising opinions regarding this phenomena:

“For so long, we’ve heard ‘we black, we this, we can’t rise above, can’t get a job,’” said Thomas, who has worked to help black families in Garfield Park for the last 10 years. “But it can be done, it’s proven. Look at Obama. Look at what he did.”
“It’s about job security with me,” said Billy Avery, a letter carrier for 25 years. “I have a feeling that Obama, who came from nothing, will have my back when times get hard. So I bring that to work with me.”
Lang said an Obama administration is capable of the same types of social changes put forth by Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.
“He doesn’t have to do anything for me,” she said. “He’s already done so much for African-Americans by just being elected. But he will do what he promised for the nation. He’s a hard worker and he’ll have help.”
“I work with kids who sometimes feel as though hope is lost or that things will not change in their communities,” said Lenore, who also coaches North Lawndale’s baseball and bowling teams. “Barack came from similar situations as these kids, not having his father around. My students can now say, ‘somebody that looks just like me can have the highest office.’”
“Any African-American can make it as long as they put their mind to it,” said Darrius Caston, an 18-year-old senior.
“If Obama can become the president, I can do my homework and I can handle school,” Stewart said.
To Lenore, an Obama presidency can change perceptions and realities in a struggling neighborhood like North Lawndale.

What these and other statements I’ve heard say to me is that Obama does not have to do anything at all to change things for the better and it does not matter if in actuality he changes things for the worse–the fact that he got elected–that he is a black figurehead is all he has to do for this population. If the black face on the television and in the news says inspiring things, looks and acts the part, it is enough of an incentive to garner black American support. Only 11% after almost two years of destruction of our constitution can see the danger in this man. Perception and impression are hard icons to break down it would seem. And, the belief that government must “do something for us” has deep roots in the community.

On the other hand, what would be some signs that the mystic is beginning to crack or fade? What would it take to shake the foundation on which this group stands?
Doug McAdam is a sociology professor and director of urban studies at Stanford University. He said the optimism created by Obama’s campaign could fall flat if his administration is unsuccessful in delivering policy change or economic improvement.

“There’s a real potential for disillusionment or renewed despair two years into his administration,” McAdam said. “And beyond this disillusionment, it’s possible down the road for many to call for the end to programs such as affirmative action because Obama’s in office.”

But the fact that the seeds of economic destruction have already been planted and in many cases born fruit and promulgated does not seem to have sunken in. For the past half century a Democratic presidential candidate has been guaranteed an automatic 85 to 90 percent of the black vote. This stands in stark contrast to rampant evidence that Democrats have sought for this same amount of time to keep minorities in poverty and in need purely for the sake of Democrat votes and power. The left, who has hijacked the Democrat party, seeks to do the same to the Hispanic population in this country. The destruction of the black family is a prelude to what will happen to the now strong and hard working Hispanic family institution. Case in point is the recent failure of the voucher system which sought to raise minority children out of failing public schools. It was the Democrat supported unions that kept this vote from going forward.

The Republican party has done more for the black population and family than the Democrat party has ever promised to do (and has not done). The lip-service and media hype for the left gives the “appearance” of helping the downtrodden but in actuality keeps minorities and the poor subjugated for its own gain. From Black-and-Right Blog:

“…this is what happens when blacks blindly give their support to a party that has to be reminded every two years not to take it for granted. Obama Democrats, too, believe they have the black vote locked and now can devote the rest of their time using the usual race-baiting tactics aimed at illegal Latinos.”

It is true that the GOP is FOR ALL Americans but you would never know it by listening to Michael Steele the supposed head of this party.
“You really don’t have a reason to {vote Republican}, to be honest — we haven’t done a very good job of really giving you one. True? True,” Republican National Chairman Michael Steele told 200 DePaul University students Tuesday night.
Duane Lester, the author of this April 2010 article in American Blogger, states quite plainly what Steele should have said but didn’t:
1. Black Americans should vote Republican because we know the economic policies of the Democratic party hurt your demographic especially hard. Consider the minimum wage. When it is raised, young black Americans face higher unemployment rates than other demographics.
2. Black Americans should vote for Republicans because the policies of the Democrat party have destroyed the black family. Look at what Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society has done to the black family. It’s in ruins. It wasn’t Republicans that did that. It was Democrats.
3. Black Americans should vote for Republicans not because of what Republicans will do for black Americans but because we stand for all Americans. We don’t differentiate between races or religions. We don’t believe in group or identity politics. To the Republican party, it’s about protecting the liberties of all Americans equally.

And this protection extends to Latinos, blacks and ALL Americans. But blacks and Latinos may find themselves in opposition to each other helped, in part, by the vote-getting maneuvering by the Democrat Party: From Black-and-Right:

Blacks are not impressed by the law-breaking, self-inflicted adversity suffered by illegal aliens, in fact some are downright hostile. All one need to and look at the make up of South Central Los Angeles, formerly the black community.

It is brown and the Latinos there have been quite public with their intent to drive blacks out. Peacefully by breeding, violent if necessary.
With the latest crisis that can’t go to waste, the Obama Administration is now using the Arizona immigration law to codify the Latino vote against Republicans in an attempt to save the Democrat majority. I guess one could say it’s ironic that the same party that excused its own segregationist past by revising the intent of the ‘Southern Strategy’, has now implemented its own.

It does so at its own peril.

More from Black-and-Right:
Obviously, the Republican position closely mirrors theirs {blacks} on principle (and self-preservation grounds), but after decades of using race to slander them for political gain, it’s going to be very hard to now have to side with them. They will need to.

And from Reginald Kaigler (Demcad’s Corner):
What has this guy actually done?

He hasn’t changed anything that really matters. If I had to listen to black people praise this clown, they’re going to have to listen to me point out the fact he hasn’t changed a DAMN THING!

I’m not mad at black people and I know that some of us see him for who he is. I just want my people to WAKE THE F&%# UP!