Why Can't We All Just Get Together?

I post on a few highly visible, popular blogs and I read several more: Patriotic Resistance, Team Sarah, Red State, Rebuild the Party, As a Mom, the 9/12 Project, Tea Party Patriots (don’t forget Tea Party Nation and Tea Party Express, individual blogs like Smart Girl Politics, Atlas Shrugs, The Drudge Report, Townhall, Give me Liberty, Gop.com, Freedom Works, Conservative Action Alerts, Vision to America, and just Vision America and then American Vision, GOP USA , PJTV, Expose Obama, Center for Individual Freedom, Patriot Update, Read My Lipstick Network, American Solutions,Move America Forward, Big Government, Big Hollywood, No Quarter, etc. etc, . There are hundreds maybe thousands of them locally and nationally.I have gone to “Meet Up 9/12” events, Freedom Work events, candidate events, Fair Tax meetings, Republican party meetings, local city leader meetings, etc. Why can’t we all somehow just get together? The left and their minions are united: they are all working together and have been for at least 10 years or more:

If we are to win, we must unite. Is there a place we can all connect? Is there a website where we can all hear the same message? If we do not, I’m afraid we may be as doomed as if we had a third party in November. Toward this concern, Glenn Beck has joined forces with Freedom Works–one of the largest conservative groups. We are all conservatives to some degree–either fiscally, socially or both. Politically, we are conservative though we may also be Independents, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, etc. Give Me Liberty wants a new Continental Congress–I don’t want that–I think the old one was just fine. If you go to 9-12 or As a Mom, you are associated with Glenn Beck–if you don’t like him, you may not want to join those groups.

Frankly, I don’t really care what political affiliation others are when they are standing next to me at a rally or event. I’m just glad there are so many of us at the same time at the same place. All of these sites are individually collecting money and that may be the problem, they can’t give up the donations and now people are on the payroll–but for the sake of our country–something has got to give so that all of these sites join together to give the same message. Where does one of our like-minded colleagues go to ONE PLACE to get information?
Is there a place where we can all join hands, forces for the conservative battle ahead of us? Even a website where all are listed and common themes are reported would be beneficial? How can this be done?

My fear is that if it is not, we will scatter like the mustard seeds in the parable and only a small amount land on fertile soil.