Unions: Tools of Destruction

Unions, when they first began, were created to fight employer abuse, but now they have become the abusers. From card check to the auto industry decline to the elimination of voucher schools and beyond, unions have become the beast they once opposed.

Card Check is yet another Democrat bill meant to end personal liberty and increase the size of ever dwindling numbers in unions. Once passed (and we’ve seen how easily this administration can pass any bill it desires–the Constitution be damned) workers will have no voting privacy when presented with union membership. So they would have two choices: join or face workplace abuse from your fellow union members.

The auto industry decline shows how union demands and rise to power have destroyed a once prosperous manufacturing trade.

The story of Jaime Escalante (Stand and Deliver) illustrates the destructive power of the teacher union in our most needy inner city schools. Mr. Escalante defied union regulations by coming in early and leaving late plus allowing student numbers in his classroom against union dictates. Had this successful teacher followed union rules, his students would most likely not have prospered. Voucher programs are a win-win for these students yet teacher unions vehemently oppose them for obvious reasons. And union mandates tie administration’s hands from hiring more quality teachers for vacancies. When the Illinois House voted against SB 2494 this week, Chicago’s inner city children lost big. Trapped in the web of union greed, these children have no hope of escaping their environment and are doomed to languish in non-performing sub-standard schools. The film CARTEL tells a compelling story of the negative affect of teacher unions upon our children .

The debate wages on: from Cato.org:
Those of us who have served on the front lines of the fight for school choice are working to limit the power of the state; to expand the responsibility and authority of parents; and, most of all, to rescue real children from the life-ruining effects of government schools. We never thought we would see the day when people we considered allies in the fight for liberty would become the handmaidens of the education bureaucracy and the National Education Association. But that is precisely what is happening.

Unions the world over are in bed with big government and the USA is no different.

Consider the recent riots against the government due to cutbacks in an austerity plan in Greece.

Many consider Greece a microcosm of what is to become of the West.

Which way Greece turns is a matter of importance for anyone who supports liberal democracy, and whether the Greek situation spreads to Spain or Portugal or elsewhere in Europe is equally of moment. Greece has been a functioning democracy in the liberal European manner since World War II. It fits in the mold of a Southern European country like Italy or Spain, where the unions have managed to coerce the state into granting their members job benefits that appall the thrifty Germans, and where government appeases these demands by taking on ever more debt and kicking the can down the road. The can now has nowhere to go and the Greeks are being forced by the outside world – otherwise called “the markets” – to do something about their enormous debts and their out-sized promises to public sector workers.

But for now, we watch the demise of our country through the public-sector unions which seek, through unmanageable pensions and little reform, to suck our economy dry.

In 2012, the votes must be recruited to fight against the political takeover of America by the radical left union agenda.

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