What is Your Personal Price for Freedom?

“Courage is the price Life exacts for granting peace.” Amelia Earhart, 1927

I hate rejection; I can’t slough it off as easily as someone else might. We all have issues we transport in our middle-aged wagons pulling behind us. People may have other baggage they carry around from childhood or wherever, but rejection is mine. My sister says I’m a “B” personality living in an “A” personality’s body because I look like I’m confident on the outside yet “fake it to make it.” And I do make it in life hiding my fears, but obviously, I’m not a person who likes to go door to door in political campaigns. Talking to strangers isn’t easy. Having someone slamming a door in my face is rejection in the raw sense of the word.

I also really despise talking on the phone. I hate to admit it, but I screen calls. I will talk to those people I know and avoid like the flu those I don’t. I actually have to force myself to make or take calls at work: they almost always involve strangers. I’d much rather email or write to get the job done.

I love my country and in the 60’s I was the wrong gender and now am too old to go to the battle front like my father, brother-in-law and nephew did (not that I would have had their bravery). They all went to fight with their heads held high and their fears held silently.

War is hell. But many times in America’s history, freedom would not have existed without it.

I share these insights about myself so you will understand that the unsavory tasks my local political party needs for me to do won’t be easy. Yes, I can show up at Tea Parties with my homemade signs; I can write blogs, stuff envelopes and pass out fliers at events but what they really need me to do is to go door to door, make phone calls and be able to verbally “fight” (persuade, convince) in the patriotic battle we face. And it is no small battle. Where I live, and in fact in many precincts, there are way too few committeemen and women to even man-up county sections. Frequently, there’s no one at all, from what I’ve been told, and they need people, all over the country for the GOP. In the last election, which we lost, many precincts were left high and dry with just a few hard working folks trying to cover for empty positions. We knew the stakes were high then but until now, many did not know how very high they were…and are in 2010.

We are standing on the precipice of a danger as far-reaching as any the greatest generation faced in World War 2. Then, the combat was thousands of miles away. And now it is here at our doorstep. For my kids, my grand kids and those future generations I’ll never meet, I have to go into this war with the courage of only my convictions, facing the enemy head on. That means doing things I am afraid down to my core to do.
It means all of us–you and me–have to join up–step up and do what we may not feel safe and secure doing or may think we don’t have time to do. We’d better find a way to be comfortable and we’d better find the time now because it won’t be there later. Later is now.

If our veterans had sat back and did nothing 70 years ago, we might be speaking German under totalitarianism.
In 20 years, our grand children might be afraid to speak at all under the tyranny of a dismantled and demolished constitution.

I can’t let that happen, can you?

My first meeting is next Thursday.