McCain's vote on Bailout determines my vote on McCain

Dear Senator McCain,

Since this Wall Street/mortgage bailout mess and learning that you plan to vote for the 400+ page version of the bailout with all the pork that it has been tied to, I’m struggling to see why voting for you makes a difference anymore. I was going to vote for you this election as I have voted Republican since I’ve been of age, and the addition of Palin has excited me politically more than anything since Ronald Reagan.

But concerning the bailout, I would rather we let the banks fail. It’s true there would be some short-term pain for our country but I believe the turnaround would be relatively quick because the free market will correct itself and the unnaturally high home prices will be corrected as well, plus the Wall Street types will realize that they have to do business differently in the future because they’ll know we won’t bail them out anymore. And that will be good for all work-a-day Americans like myself.

I don’t make a lot of money, Mr. McCain, about $65,000 per year with my wife staying home to raise two small children, and it really makes me angry to think of the hard work we commit ourselves to and the discipline we take upon ourselves to make good decisions so we can provide a good life for ourselves, and then we’re told that we have to bear the financial burden of other people’s bad decisions, whether they’re CEO’s of large banking institutions or people who have willingly signed a mortgage contract that’s beyond their ability to pay. I could file for bankruptcy myself, but I have always preferred to work longer hours to make ends meet. If you choose to bail out this mess, please tell me why I shouldn’t declare bankruptcy and add myself to the list.

Please Mr. McCain, reconsider your vote. I hate to think of having the ultra-liberal Obama as my president, but if you vote for the passage of this bill, I will stay home on election day and let Obama, Biden & Franken own the destruction it will bring to our economy and morale.


A Minnesota conservative

Frank Armstrong