Official Statement Regarding June 17, 2010 Post about Senators Mike Lee and Jim DeMint

On Friday, September 9, 2011, it came to my attention that an email(s) has been circulating about a blog post that was uploaded to my RedState.com account on June 17, 2010 without my permission and attributed to me.  I have removed this post from my RedState.com account because it does not represent me or my views and it disparages people I support.

Of all the candidates running for Congress in Utah, I am the only one that has devoted my entire adult life to advocating for conservative values from the local to the United Nations-levels of governance, including the STOP ERA campaign in Illinois, which ultimately led to the halt of ERA ratification.

With this said, there has been a terrible misunderstanding. I do not know the intent of the email sender that forwarded this blog post, but I feel it necessary to appropriately clear my name, including additional background on the confusion and questionable blog post.

If you should receive such an email, please notify the sender, or any others who may have received this false blog information, of the errors, so as to stop its circulation.

Upon investigation of the source, a local Utah blogger identified herself as the author who had been asked to write it and who was erroneously told that I “enthusiastically approved it.”

The post in question disparaged a Senator that I admire.  Throughout my campaign for U.S. Senate I was asked which Senator most resembled my political philosophy.  Without hesitation, I responded:  Senator Jim DeMint.  In fact, in 2009 I was in Washington, DC and attended his book signing.  He autographed a copy of Saving Freedom, which I have read, annotated and which I support wholeheartedly.

The post also besmirched Senator Mike Lee using a tone of voice that is not my style. In fact, immediately after the Primary, I endorsed him, offered to help his campaign, and hosted a fundraiser for him.  He is now doing an excellent job as our freshman Senator from Utah.  I support both Senators DeMint and Lee in their quest for limited government and a return to Constitutional principles.


Cherilyn Eagar
Candidate U.S. Congress 2012, 2nd District