Cherilyn Eagar Endorses Tim Bridgewater for Senate

Cherilyn Eagar Endorses Tim Bridgewater for Senate
Believes Tim Will Represent Utah Best

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SOUTH JORDAN, UT—Today former Republican candidate for United States Senate and lifelong conservative activist Cherilyn Eagar announced she is endorsing Tim Bridgewater.  “While Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater are both men I respect and like personally, to me the best choice for Utah is clearly Tim Bridgewater.”

“I am profoundly honored to have Cherilyn’s support.  I have the greatest respect for her and the campaign she ran.  It is also a very good feeling to have a close friendship with those who have run alongside you in campaigns and elections, and I think that speaks to the campaigns we both ran,” said Tim Bridgewater

“My decision to endorse Tim stems from observations I made along the campaign trail over several months.  I saw firsthand how Tim and his campaign conducted themselves with respect and integrity with all the candidates.  I could see his leadership directing them to do so.  His lifelong experience as a businessman creating jobs in the private sector here in Utah is no doubt the kind of experience and background Utah needs from its next senator.  Beyond being a strong leader, Tim has demonstrated mature statesmanship.  He may be uncompromising on principles, but he is always willing to listen and to respect those with whom he differs on policies.  I am very proud to be a Tim Bridgewater supporter and will do what I can to help him become Utah’s next U.S. Senator,” said Cherilyn Eagar.

Since narrowly missing the second ballot at the Utah State Republican Convention, Cherilyn Eagar has been busy advocating conservative issues such as immigration and health care reform.  She has also attended both Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater events prior to making her final endorsement.  “This endorsement does not come without deep thought and consideration,” said Cherilyn.  “I feel strongly that now is the time for me to take a stand and tell Utah who I will be supporting on June 22nd.

Cherilyn Eagar is a former U.S. Senate candidate and the vice president of WebsTarget, a Salt Lake City-based real estate Internet marketing company. She is a Republican state delegate who also serves on the board of Utah Federation of Republican Women and has worked on political campaigns in five states since 1964.