Cherilyn Eagar Statement on Tim Bridgewater Meeting

Eagar Statement on Bridgewater Meeting

May 12, 2010.  Salt Lake City, Utah.

Prior to the convention I publicly stated that I would be neutral during the three rounds of balloting and that I would not endorse anyone.  I stayed true to that commitment.

Mr. Bennett solicited my endorsement after the first round, and I declined.  He never offered me a paid position for that endorsement as has been erroneously reported.

I am concerned that my radio comments regarding Tim Bridgewater may have been misconstrued.  I am also concerned that anyone would manipulate the meeting between the Bridgewater camp and the Eagar camp to use it for negative campaigning against Mr. Bridgewater.  Mr. Bridgewater offered me the role of an unpaid spokeswoman, and I was honored at his confidence in me.  It was a compliment to our campaign. In an earlier meeting with a Bridgewater supporter, some future fundraising help was offered should I run again. I would carry any debt I might hold from the U.S. Senate campaign. I did not feel this was an inappropriate gesture. Mr. Bridgewater never raised this issue himself, and he has told me he was not aware of it.

Anything beyond this statement is malicious and is an obfuscation of the truth.  I discourage any further speculation.   Our campaign enjoyed working alongside the Bridgewater team.  Their entire campaign ran a clean and honest race, and although this is not an endorsement, if he were to win this election he would make an excellent Senator for Utah.

For now, I am focused on my company and my future plans to stay involved in Republican politics.  I plan to further the cause of defunding and repealing Obamacare.  I will continue to network with doctors all across Utah to bring them to the national convention of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons at which I will be a keynote speaker in Salt Lake City in September.  I look forward to other speaking opportunities as they may arise.

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